Acopaex confirms a 30% decrease in the tomato harvest in Extremadura

Tomato production has fallen this season in Extremadura by around 30% compared to the previous year, due to the lack of rain and the high temperatures experienced during the summer.

The president of the Association of Agricultural Cooperatives of Extremadura (Acopaex), Domingo Fernández, explained that the initial forecasts were for 20 percent less production as a result of the drought, added to the intense heat that occurred in summer that aggravated the estimated crop decline. Fernández explained that, as a consequence of these circumstances, the quantity contracted with the companies had to be reduced in relation to previous years, when, moreover, there was no stock from other years.

Tomato cultivation.

However, this situation of tomato shortage occurs worldwide, he stated, since Andalusia has behaved even worse, and large producing countries such as the United States have not escaped the problems of drought. This decrease in production compared to the figures for 2021 -2.1 million tons were obtained last year- has therefore reduced sales, but prices have behaved optimally and have been higher than last year. , has pointed. However, Fernández recalled that production costs (gas, electricity, fuel…) have risen spectacularly, which is why profitability and profits are scarcer this year.

The weather situation has also affected corn or rice, with irrigation restrictions in the Orellana area, or olive groves, with significant drops in production expected. In short, it has been a difficult year globally, with the sword of Damocles knowing whether to continue the lack of water for the next financial year, stated the head of Acopaex.

Fernndez has agreed with other voices that aim to undertake a deep reflection on the future of the Extremaduran countryside due to situations such as drought, although he has recognized that in the absence of water you cannot fight… the only solution is to wait for events and let it Rain. This situation has led, as he has revealed, to the fact that this year many cereals such as wheat are being sown in irrigated areas due to lack of water, an option that some farmers have opted for.

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