A ‘tiktoker’ criticizes the conditions of the ‘villas for fans’ in the World Cup

Given the high demand for accommodation in Qatar during the dates on which the World Cup will be held, the organization built some villas where fans could camp or sleep at more affordable prices than in hotels. Nevertheless, With just one day to go before the competition begins, the conditions do not seem to be ideal for accommodation.

A displaced British fan has shared on his TikTok account (@Havoc.S15) the current state of these villas in a video that he had to delete due to racist insults. “This is what you get for 212 euros (£185) a night in the Qatar World Cup fan village. good luck to rest“, wrote.

In the video you can see how the interiors of industrial containers have been restructured. A double bed that takes up a large part of the space, a private bathroom in which, according to the sun, “There is not much space to move” because of the size of the bed and some dining rooms that “leave to be desired”.



In addition, in the outdoor areas you can see how the artificial grass that carpets the entire room is not placed in all places. On the contrary, the area used to watch the matches does show good preparation with areas reserved for eating food, a giant screen and armchairs on the floor.

Five villas for fans at prices between 110 and 409 euros per night

On the official website of the agency that manages accommodation during the World Cup Up to five different accommodations are offered in prefabricated towns like the one filmed by the TikTok user. The cheapest, rated three stars out of five, offers to sleep in a caravan with “air conditioning, WiFi, Smart TV and cleaning service every two days.”



The other options include in their establishments “two bottles of water a day” and offer restaurants throughout the false town. The most expensive, for its part, It is reminiscent of the format of the tents inside and makes sports courts and a gym available to the public.

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