The scare of Jean-Claude Van Damme training his forearms

    The forearms, like the calves, are one of the most neglected muscles in the gym. In fact, there are very few of us who train them specifically and, although it is not necessary, if you want to have arms like Popeye’s, you also have to give them a hard time. In this case, it is the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme who has posted a video on Instagram training his forearms. And with a very effective exercise, but one that carries risks if you don’t have someone to help you… Watch out for Van Damme’s scare at the end of the exercise! (The best exercises to gain muscle in your forearms).

    In the images, Jean-Claude appears executing wrist flexions with an Olympic bar, it seems and a lot of weight, more than recommended by the final outcome. Wrist curls are very useful because they activate that area of ​​the arm well, but instead of doing them like he does in the video, it’s better to do them kneeling on the floor and resting your arms on a bench.

    The problem with doing this movement like Van Damme does is that if you do it with a lot of kilos, your hands can get trapped as it happens to the Hollywood actor in the video. And watch out because you can injure yourself!

    The best exercise for your forearms is this…

    In addition to wrist flexions, an exercise that is safe and not very harmful when it comes to training your forearms is with a weight hanging from a rope, tied to a short bar, winding it up and unrolling it several times. The muscle contraction is total and you will see how difficult it is for you to reach the end.

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