The dramatic story of a woman addicted to cosmetic surgeries who paid dearly for the side effects

A woman who splurged near 380 thousand pesos in cosmetic surgeries to make her face look just like it did when she used an Instagram filter, but she has now vowed never to use fillers again after a series of horrific experiences. Is about Kim Booker, 34who was diagnosed a body dysmorphic disorder, which makes her see a warped view of herself and feel disgusted with her reflection.

In an attempt to boost her confidence, she got fillers on her lips, cheeks, jawline, and under her eyes and nose, becoming “addicted” to cosmetic surgery. Kim is alsoShe was known for editing photos a lot. and used to use photo editing tools to make her face look flawless.

She became addicted to being in the operating room. Photo: Special.

couldn’t help but look

Kim, who works as a yoga teacher in Bournemouth, said: “I was looking at every part of my face, which is a common body dysmorphic compulsion. I was using apps to adjust the shape of my nose and face, and after editing it I thought: ‘I could have surgery to look like this’.

The teacher got her first filler injection when she was 18 years old, which gave her a “new impetus”, since she had always been “complexed” by her smile. She loved her new look, but she kept it a secret because she wanted others to think it was all natural, according to the Daily Star.

This is how it looked before. Photo: Special.

at age 24Kim also competed as a bodybuilder, and when her body fat decreased, she felt she looked “old and tired.” This led her to get filler on her lips, cheeks, jawline, under her eyes, in the nose-to-mouth lines, and on her nose.

The procedures soon played him wrong

After undergoing surgery for dark circles, his eyes were swollen even for years and later after another procedure, it seemed that he was always sad. also her lips they did not react well to a filler and “burst”, “It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced,” he said.

Now he is more comfortable with his body. Photo. Special.

The problems worsened when she crashed into a glass door and damaged her nose, which led to her needing a reconstructive operation. At 33, Ella Kim went into a deep depression and he realized that whatever he did with his body, he was not happy, after that sought professional help that has made him move forward. These experiences have led him to remove all the padding and now no longer uses photo editing tools.


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