The detail that makes O Rei Pelé’s VW Beetle unique

Pelé, the best Brazilian of all time, never ceases to amaze the world with his classic car garage. He reads on to find out what’s so special about O Rei’s VW Beetle…

Crack. Breed striker. Distinct. Pelé will be in the great books of football and will be the cover of Brazil without a doubt. The best Brazilian of all time. One of the members of the top three of all history. He always got into the discussion with Diego Armando Maradona. No one can deny that the striker who shone at Santos had an amazing career. Although beware, few know about his love for classic cars and even less about the special VW Beetle that he keeps.

At 81 years old and with an indelible history in the hearts of all football fans, O Rei Pelé was one of the players who made the most money at the time. It is true, it does not compare to the fortune billed by Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and company, but equally The 10 who won three World Cups always had enough to give himself certain luxuries. Among them, the classic cars he clings to. They are part of his history and tomorrow they will be worth incalculable fortunes. His most valuable inheritance.

As Tork found out, the first car in Pelé’s life was a Volkswagen Beetle, which a dealership gave him in 1956, when he was barely 16 years old and he was already breaking it at Santos in Brazil. Later, she bought several more. But of course, the love for his first car never changed. Here we review the comforts that he has. A vintage beauty that has so many stories!

Created as a car for the working class, the famous “beetle” as fans baptized it after its great success is a faithful and highly designed car. In addition, of course, at the time it did not come with great technological advances. Today it is behind almost all the cars on the market, although Pelé’s maintains its emotional value. It was his first car and, although some say it would be for sale, some sources say that the Brazilian keeps it as a relic.

A VW Beetle with a lot of sentimental value for Pelé.

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