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Seat 20 in the Morelos Congress is empty again, two months after the deputy Gabriela Marín Sánchez, who was assassinated this Wednesday, October 5, when leaving a pharmacy on Domingo Diez Avenue, in Cuernavaca, had taken protest.

The State Attorney General, Uriel Carmona Gandaraafter the murder of the legislator, declared to the media that they do not rule out any line of investigation, but the strongest arose from the statement of the deputy’s driver, who was injured.

Lucas ‘N’, before being intervened, declared before the Public Ministry that the attackers did not demand Gabriela Marín’s truck or belongings, that is, they ruled out that the motive was the assault.

The dispute over the seat

The prosecutor said that both relatives and deputies of the LV legislature told him that the attack could be derived from the complex political environment in which the party’s legislator was immersed Morelos progressesafter her designation as deputy on July 15.

This after an arduous battle to prevent their electoral rights from being violated, because by a ‘legislative agreement’, between 11 deputies opposed to the government of Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo, a protest was taken to occupy the deputation of one of the staunchest opponents of the president, that is, Roberto Carlos Yáñez Moreno as a result of the place becoming headless due to the death of his uncle, Juan José Yáñez Vázquez, last April.

Roberto Carlos Yáñez Moreno, in the 2021 elections, was registered in position number 3 as a candidate of the LGBT community for Morelos Progresa, since he said he was a promoter of equal marriages, even though he has a heteronormative marriage with Marguis Zoraida del Rayo Salcedo and with whom he had three children, a fact that influenced the lesbian-gay associations to reject his designation.

The long and complex history of the seat in question began with the registration, prior to the elections, of Julio Cesar Yanez Moreno, ‘El Tigre’, who lost the space as a proprietary candidate for the plurinominal deputation in mention for pretending to belong to an indigenous community.

Due to this, the one who took protest was his substitute and uncle, Juan José Yáñez Vázquez, who died in office at the age of 85, so once again a new legislator had to be appointed.

That position should be assigned to Gabriela Marín, who was placed in position number two on the list, but it did not happen due to a pact between the opposition within Congress, in which it was determined to give the place to Roberto Yáñez, under the banner of the diversity.

Gabriela Marín challenged the legislative agreement of the 11 deputies of the PAN, Citizen Movement, New Alliance and PRI in the State Court of the State of Morelos (TEEM), said instance ordered the Legislative Power to take protest and recognize her as the successor deputy of Yáñez Vázquez and respect their political rights.

However, Roberto Yáñez was not satisfied and even when his legal adviser recommended that he not continue the battle, he appealed to the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation, since he argued that the appointment of Gabriela Marín broke with the principle of parity of the Congress of Morelos, that is, out of 20 deputies, 10 had to be men and 10 women, but the federal justice system agreed with Gabriela Marín because in the end she was the one who was still on the priority list, in addition to the fact that she represented the indigenous community.

After the death of Gabriela Marín, who should assume the position is her substitute, Marguis del Rayo, wife of Roberto Yáñez and who is currently linked to the process for fraud and for obtaining a golden pension.

Who are the Yanez?

That seat by plurinominal route has been occupied by the Yáñez Moreno family for more than 10 years, from the brothers Roberto and Julio Yáñez, their father Roberto Yáñez Vázquez who is now a director of the Morelos Institute of Public Information and Statistics (IMIPE); Julio Yáñez’s wife, Naida Josefina Díaz Roca, who was part of the 54th legislature and in the current one by Juan José Yáñez Vázquez, uncle of the brothers, who died last April due to illness.

The brothers Julio César and Roberto Carlos Yáñez are the ones who in 2015 nominated the current governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo to be a candidate for the municipal presidency of Cuernavaca, with the aim of maintaining the registration of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), six months after the A former national team member assumed the mayor’s office, they left the lawsuit and, since then, they became staunch opponents, to the point that they denounced the now governor, for allegedly signing a contract that they themselves would have drawn up, for 7 million pesos to be a candidate.

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