Tarot of the day: This is the Tarot message for Friday, October 7

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The Tarot is an ancient oracular tool which over time acquired its own structure and characteristics, which gave it greater importance compared to other divinatory arts.

It is that its practical use, the ease of transfer and the orientation capacity that it provides make it a one of the favorite methods of those who are dedicated to this manciawith a widespread practice today.

Even if you don’t believe in him, today he comes to deliver a message that you should know, because advice doesn’t hurt anyone and much less to start the week on the right foot. Will you allow yourself to be surprised?

Tarot of the day: This is the Tarot message for Friday, October 7

Today we advise a Major Arcana, which is The Chariot. The letter shows a man with armor and a crown, who rides on a chariot pulled by two black and white sphinxes, behind which a town can be seen.

This card recommends introspection, as well as reviewing the internal aspects in conflict.

If yesterday the Tarot pushed us to make decisions, today it invites us to act against it, for which the main message of this card is that we act against the changes we want. Also, it warns us that these changes, as Buddhism says, are inevitable. Thus, This card predicts that a movement and turn is coming in your life..

Along the same lines, El Carro speaks of the speed with which things are wantedand it is very likely that good things will be desired quickly, but what quickly comes, quickly goes. So it is that it is better to go with patience finding the way, and never stop connecting with abundance.

This letter predicts that it will be a very hectic dayin which there will be many things to do, a great energy circulating and where everyone seems to be very busy. Emotionally, it will be divergent in the sense that people will connect very quickly with certain emotionsgoing from one to another and so on, which can be overwhelming.

Finally, it will be good if you take some breaksto rest and recover. Drink enough water so you don’t get dehydrated and keep in toucheven with whom you have not spoken for a long time, since in them you will find various opportunities to move forward.

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