Stephen Curry’s warning about Warriors after Draymond Green hit Jordan Poole


In a press conference, Stephen Curry broke the silence about Draymond Green’s hit on Jordan Poole during a Golden State Warriors training session in the 2022-23 NBA preseason.

Stephen Curry in the NBA with Warriors
© Takashi Aoyama/Getty ImagesStephen Curry in the NBA with Warriors

The most awaited word was not long in coming. Golden State Warriors lived an atypical day on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 in the NBA, since after morning training it was revealed that Draymond Green hit Jordan Poole. ¡Stephen Curry broke the silence!

With a different leadership than typical in the NBA world, Curry surprised with a response to Bob Myers, general manager of the Warriors, when asked if he was ready to lead the team after the Green-Poole fight. Then came Stephen’s face-to-face with the media.

One of the first things he did Stephen Curry With four blunt words, “it is absolute nonsense”, it was to deny that Jordan Poole’s attitude has changed in the Golden State Warriors because a millionaire extension would be approaching. The subject of the Draymond Green coup was to be dealt with.

“It is a situation that could have been avoided, but there is a lot of confidence in the structure of our team and who we know those two guys are (…). It’s never fun, it’s never great. It’s about dealing with reality as it is. Whatever happens yesterday (October 5), we face it.” Curry said at a press conference on the fight between Green and Poole.

Curry’s warning about Warriors after Green-Poole fight

Stephen Curry He revealed to the media that he was honest about going and talking to Draymond Green after he hit Jordan Poole: “Respect my opinion and respect how I feel.” However, the star Golden State Warriors made a warning about what can happen in the team after this fight. ¡‘The chef’ You already have a job to do!

“These moments can make or break a team and my job is not to let that destroy us,” Stephen Curry concluded of Draymond Green’s hit on Jordan Poole.

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