Rubens Sambueza will not continue at Atlético de San Luis – David Medrano


At the age of 38, Rubens Sambueza was notified by the board of the Athletic Saint Louis that the contract that ended will not be renewed and that the player is free. Sambueza will analyze the situation in the coming days to see if he is still playing or is already retiring, which will depend on the possible offers that the Argentine may have. The tournament was bad for Rubens since he only added 231 minutes and only in one game did the coach take him into account as a starter.


In three days, Benjamín Mora convinced Grupo Orlegi that he was the right choice to succeed Diego Cocca in the Atlas. During the last two years, the Mexican coach got tired of sending messages and resumes to many soccer teams. MX League and Expansion League without anyone giving him a chance despite his achievements in Malaysia. Last Monday the people of Orlegi summoned him for an interview and from the first moment they were happy with the coach’s way of expressing himself and with what he has in mind, for that reason they decided to give him the opportunity to lead the project. Mora agreed that Omar “Harold” Flores, whom Atlas sent to Spain for training, join his coaching staff as one of the assistants.


Within the investigations that have been made in the Arbitration Commission, they realized that a group of arbitration instructors opened a gym and the entire union was invited to register by paying their subscription and of course the monthly fee. ‘Coincidentally’ those who went to that gym always had dual designation and those who did not attend did not have as much activity. Those responsible for that gym have already been thanked by the Commission and now the whistlers can go wherever they want to exercise. Having so much money, the Commission has become an interesting loot, since there are whistlers who have earned almost 600 thousand pesos in three months, and the Liguilla is missing, where they charge double.


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