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Rubens Sambuezawho he missed a good part of the Apertura 2022 tournament with the Athletic Saint Louis due to injury, although he did not enjoy so many minutes in the team either, he aims to return to Argentina to finish his career.

The 38-year-old footballer, who arrived to play with Cougarsbut who spent his best years with the Americasquad with which he was League Champion a couple of times with Miguel “The Louse” Herrera Y Antonio “El Turco” Mohamed on the benches, he will not continue in the Potosí team, but he will not seek accommodation in any club either. Mexico.

Sambuwho because of his sympathy with the Eagles always asked for a chance to retire with the set of Coapaplans to remain active in the plains, but his option is return to your country and beyond hang studs.

Support your kids

Rubens I would still make this determination in support of its sonswho are part of the basic forces of the same potosino groupand from Tolucaand thinking about their future, because due to the regulation of the Not Trained in Mexicocould not be registered for tables Under-18 Y Under-16respectively, what is delaying his debut.

The intention is to be able to place them in argentinian teamsbecause in the MX League they have not been able to have that option of joining the teams with an age limit of their clubs, despite the fact that it was here where they have lived their process.

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