On the lookout: what could be the sanctions against Red Bull for the budget conflict

After the explosion of the great Formula 1 bomb, with complaints that Red Bull exceeded the budget limit in the 2021 season, where he finally finished champion of the drivers’ tournament, the FIA ​​debates the possible sanctions. The highest body of international motorsports has not yet expressed itself in this regard and announced that it will do so on the Monday after the Japanese GP.

In this sense, within the press and social networks they are already debating what could be the reprimand towards the Austrian structure and Aston Martin, the other team that broke the budget barrier. There is talk of anything from an economic fine to deduction of points in any of the championships, although everything will be known at the beginning of next week, where Red Bull You can now arrive as a monarch in the drivers’ championshipfrom the hand of Max Verstappen.

Checo and Verstappen occupy first and third place overall in 2022

Ferrari and Mercedes, the main beneficiaries of a possible sanction against Checo Pérez’s team, are waiting for the FIA’s decision. The possibilities are several, starting with only a financial fine, since it is estimated that the team led by Christian Horner committed a “minor infraction”. This means that they would not have exceeded the budget limit by more than 5%.

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