Michelle Renaud is not embarrassed by a malicious comment about her love life

Michelle Renaud isá  very happy in her new relationship with Novoa.  (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images)

Michelle Renaud is very happy in her new relationship with Novoa. (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images)

After confirming an open secret, her sentimental relationship with Matías Novoa, the Mexican actress Michelle Ranaud took justice into her own hands in the face of an unhealthy comment against her on social networks, and -against all protocol and etiquette recommendations- He responded to his attacker humorously, showing that the pen is mightier than the sword (even if it’s virtual).

It all started when the actress made a post on her Instagram profile: “The best love story comes when you least expect it and you came to teach me true love”, it was part of the text that accompanied the image on the cover of the magazine Hello, in which she appears embracing her new partner.

The duo began their romance thanks to the work they did together in the telenovela The inheritance: a legacy of lovealthough they had already shared in the film doubly pregnant 2. Although the good wishes and congratulations were immediate, there were also those who took the opportunity to try to make Renaud uncomfortable, bringing up his past relationships.

“Long live love!,” “What a beautiful couple!”, or “Enjoy this love a lot!” They celebrated the brand new union, although there was another side. A user commented on the publication and wrote: “What’s up, Is he going to date everyone he stars in?” This idea was related to Renaud’s romantic background, who had previously been romantically involved with co-workers.

It is worth remembering that Michelle dated her Ecuadorian colleague Danilo Carrera, with whom she shared credits in the dramatic daughters of the moon Y want it all. Likewise, although this was not fully confirmed by the protagonists of the romance, there are those who affirm that Renaud had a secret and very low-profile relationship with Juan Pablo Minor, his partner in the soap opera passion and power.

Now, with the confirmation of his infatuation with Novoa, Renaud seems to ratify a pattern to try to find love. And as they say that the third time lucky, it seems that Novoa has all the boxes of what the actress is looking for in a man. In fact, the last sentence of his publication said: “PS After this beautiful cover… if we don’t grow old together, what a bear!🤣 I LOVE YOU SIAMESE ♥️”, implying that the search for the owner of his heart was over when meeting the Chilean actor.

In the same key of humor, Renaud -34 years old- answered the comment of a follower who tried to embarrass her for her love past. “No, only with him. I’ll take the best,” she said. Her reply was quick to arouse applause and cheers from her followers, who supported her in her decision not to even argue at the impertinence of her comment.

Novoa, 42, is the father of an 11-year-old boy named Alex, the result of his relationship with the Venezuelan actress María José Magán. On her part, Michelle is the mother of Marcelo, 5 years old, conceived together with her ex-husband, Josué Alvarado. The couple has already announced that their children have shared, and even advanced that in the future “we would like to be parents together”.


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