It is revealed why Marc Anthony hardly lives with the children he has with Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony They were one of the couples most loved by their followers. And their children, the twins Emma and Max (14), have also become the most persecuted adolescents by the paparazzi, but something that draws a lot of attention is that the singer does not spend much time with them as he does Ben Affleck.

According to the Terra site, the couple signed a divorce agreement in 2011in which it is specified that the singer received $11 million to take care of the twins, so that Marc Anthony can only see them when he has time, since he has a lot of work.


Currently, Emma and Max live in California with JLo and Ben Affleckwho has been seen on several occasions living together and going shopping with the actress’s children.

Even teenagers have been very happy with Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, children of the actor who procreated with Jennifer Garner, but it is not known if they live with the children of Mark Anthony.

Marc Anthony prepares his fourth wedding

At the beginning of the year, the singer announced that he gave the engagement ring to his girlfriend Nadia Ferreira, Miss Paraguay 2021, so he is preparing the wedding, of which the exact date is not yet known.

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