“I have kissed very few shields, nothing more than the Galaxy and Cruz Azul”

The attacker asked the Chivas fans not to be offended by his celebration, pointing out that he does not resent the institution

Uriel Antuna explained that his celebration by kissing the coat of arms of the Blue Cross in the victory of the cement workers over Chivas He did it because it was “born” from his heart and he stressed that his celebration was not a message against the Sacred Flock.

In interview with ESPNthe 25-year-old soccer player indicated that throughout his career he has only kissed the shields of two clubs and asked the Chivas fans not to be offended by his celebration by pointing out that he does not hold any resentment towards the institution in which he played for two years.

“It was simply singing the goal to my team (Blue Cross), but not my former team (Chivas), so I think it was more on that side, in the end there were some people who took it very personally but it was not like that, it was more the euphoria of the game, of the goal ” he explained.

“I have kissed very few shields, nothing more than the Galaxy and this one (Blue Cross). Chivas is my former team, I have a lot of respect for it because I have many teammates there, but in the end, now I am from Blue CrossI owe to Blue Cross and I am going to defend this shirt to the death and at the moment of the goal, it simply occurred to me to do it because of the moment we were going through, that we had started a little badly, that we have gone from less to more and I think it was the euphoria of the moment”, he commented.

Antunaregular name in the calls of Gerardo Martino to the Mexican National Team, acknowledged that he is excited to be part of the Tri that disputes the World Cup in Qatar and revealed that he also dreams of the possibility of playing again in the Old Continent.

“It is a dream that I have always had since I was a child, a dream that is not only mine but that of my parents, of all the people who are behind me: my wife, my children, my family that has always supported me, So for me it would be a goal to be there, a dream and I long for it, more than anything, “he added.

“What I know is that there are (European) teams that have probed me, many of us are being watched but from then on I know absolutely nothing, I think that these issues are seen more by my representative and the board, I try to concentrate here, as I say, to be champion here and then leave if he allows me Blue Cross“, he expressed.

Regarding the possibilities of Mexico in Qatar, Uriel He pointed out that the Aztec team can qualify for the World Cup quarterfinals because the entire squad is committed to signing a historic performance.

“I think that to go to the fifth game yes or yes, in the end we are all happy and we know that it is difficult because Mexico has never done it (in a World Cup outside of Mexico), but we know that we can make history, so I think which is nothing more than going step by step and not despairing, going step by step that things are going to happen,” he said.

Blue Cross faces León on Saturday at the Azteca Stadium for a place in the quarterfinals of the Opening 2022.

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