How to fill the Qatar 2022 World Cup album with a weight and without cheating

(Photo: screenshot/tiktok/ ig panini_mx)
(Photo: screenshot/tiktok/ ig panini_mx)

the world of Qatar 2022 is just around the corner, but, prior to its start, some of the most fervent football fans are already on an almost titanic mission: to complete Panini’s World Cup album. Thus, from massive exchanges in public places to buying all possible envelopes, the price for finishing it can amount to thousands of pesos, but a young man got it with just one Mexican peso and then we tell how he did this technique that many could replicate.

It all started with the account TikTok of Alexis Omman (alexisomman) who decided to use only one coin of that denomination to achieve his goal. In the same way, the young man established that he could only use one peso to generate money and get the stamps.

In the clip of approximately eight minutes it can be seen that, in the first instance, the influencer went to the Bellas Artes station of the Mexico City metro and asked some ladies if they could sell him a pen for a peso.

After obtaining it, he went to some young women who were near Alameda Central and asked them if he could sell them his pen for ten pesos. After the women agreed, Alexis headed to a store and with that amount bought four marzipans.

Subsequently, the tiktoker set out to sell these products between 10 and 15 pesos each, which he achieved despite the fact that several of the people he came across considered it to be a fairly expensive price.

After having 50 pesos, one of Alexis’s friends advised him that he could ask some passerby for money, so the young man approached a man who sold sweets to ask him for the four pesos that he needed to be able to buy, in the first instance, the album.

Since he got the empty album, his next goal was to buy a box of prints, which had a price of 1,872 pesos. Because he no longer had money, he applied for jobs of all kinds via the internet and got one as an assistant in a funeral home, so – after working one day in the embalming area – he received 2 thousand pesos and went to a store to get the package of stamps.

(Photo: Screenshot/tiktok)
(Photo: Screenshot/tiktok)

Alexis continued to take out the 520 stamps contained in the box and of those she used 394 and had 126 left over, so he was 276 short of achieving his goal.

On his fourth day of trying to fill out the album, he went to the Naucalli park located in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, because there would be an event to exchange all his repeated prints. After spending the whole day on the site, she made it.

With only 136 prints missing, the young man searched Facebook to people selling individual stamps and found a person who I sold him the ones he needed for 520 pesos.

As the initial box he bought cost him 1,872 and he had earned 2,000 pesos in his job at the funeral home, the influencer still I had 128 pesos, so one of his friends helped him and went to the Central de Abastos to ask for a job as a loader. but when he already had more than half of the money earned, Alexis received the news that the seller had already given the stamps to someone else.

To finish filling the album, the influencer and his friend narrated that they had two ways to finish it: the first was to cheat and print them; while the second was to contact a TikToker which is dedicated to helping users complete their albums.

The complication of the second option is that said influencer lived in Saltillo, Coahuila, but the young people continued to work a little more, they got the money, they went to that part of the republic to finish the challenge once and for all. and they finally got the whole album.


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