How is the personality of Prince William according to Astrology?

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Prince William recently acquired the title of Prince of Wales, nominative received by the heirs to the throne of England. Probably his personality is strongly marked by his mother, Lady Diwith whom he also has the same sun sign and Ascendant.

With date of birth June 21, 1982, the prince has his Moon and Sun in the same Cancer sign, which gives him an emotional charge and more withdrawn compared to other members of the royal family. Learn more about his personality according to the Astrology here, analyzing your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign.

This is the personality of Prince William according to Astrology

In order to continue, we must take into account the elements that we will analyze. The Sun always of identity and vital energy, as well as the more social aspect. For its part, the Moon allows us to know the emotional needs and the inner world, Meanwhile he Ascending what life asks us to beas well as destiny.

In William’s case, the sun is in cancerwhich gives it a more withdrawn and familiar personality, who like to follow traditions more to find that sense of stability and permanencea characteristic that differentiates him from his brother, the prince harry. For this reason, the Prince of Wales will always be seen with his family, which is a fundamental pillar in his life.

Also, these aspects are enhanced with your Moon in Cancer, which gives you a more intense emotional charge, which is why he is someone who puts a lot of love into what he does but probably doesn’t express it and hides it behind his crab shell. This aspect expresses the mother has a fundamental role in his life, something that the prince himself has recognized.

Along with that maternal mark, she shares with her mother not only the Cancer sign, since both also have Sagittarius Ascendant, which allows them to project a higher security than they actually have. This Ascendant also tends to push people to be adventurous and a little more reactive.

This Ascendant could be observed, for example, when marrying a commoner, distancing itself from the customary monarchical tradition of marrying between people with noble titles. However, for the great presence of the water element that Cancer gives it, this aspect of fire is more opaque and we see it more in small signs of change than in large proportions.

Finally, as leader and future King, Prince William he will be a sovereign who will seek to deliver love and understand his peopleallowing a slight glimpse of his emotionality, but it will always fight between tradition and belonging to the institution it represents, and the advances and changes that the current world demands.

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