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Colombia is shocked by the death of the child Gabriel Esteban Cubillos Rodriguezwho would have been murdered by his own father in a hotel in Melgar.

According to Consuelo Rodríguez, the minor’s mother, in an interview with Blu Radio, Sunday, October 2, was the last time she saw him alive. That day, it was up to Gabriel Enrique González, father of the minor, to spend time with him.

LOOK: Details of the revenge that motivated the murder of Gabriel, 5 years old, at the hands of his father

So with the excuse of taking him out for ice cream, he took him away from home and never came back. The woman did not know anything about her son until He received a photograph of the little dead boy.

“He called me on Sunday around 9:30 at night, he wrote me a message where he said that he had left a USB with a video in which he said that he was going to kill my son and then he was going to kill himself. Turn off the phone. At 4:07 in the morning, already on Monday, he sends me the photo of the child, already lifeless ”, Consuelo Rodriguez declared.

“Time of death: 3:55 am He did not suffer. Now you can enjoy alone without ‘trisitico’ and without me. Congratulations. You chose the peasant. See you never”. with this message Gabriel Enrique Gonzalez50, confirmed to his ex-partner that his son, the one of the two, had died in a room at the Del Rey hotel in Melgar, Tolima.

the assumption filicida was captured in the middle of a Traffic Police checkpoint, at kilometer 23 of the Girardot-Melgar road, in the sector known as La Yucalá, on Tuesday, October 4. According to the authorities, the subject tried to bribe the agents and escape to another city.

Last night an arrest warrant for homicide was expected, while the father was waiting in the cells of Girardot, Cundinamarca.

The last known video of the minor alive

More and more details of this lurid crime are becoming known. One of them has been the video of the hotel reception, moments before the crime. In the audiovisual piece, revealed by Noticias Caracol, you can see how the boy was entertained watching the fish in the hotel aquarium.

Meanwhile, his father presented his documents and those of the minor for the registry. This would have happened around 10:00 pm Shortly after, the subject would have ended the life of his own son.

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