Do you have “beautiful” hands? Restaurant Seeks Grape Feeder

  • SimilarWeb estimated the volume of traffic of professionals in digital job boards, which gives us an idea of ​​the number of offers and the demand for them that exists.

  • Just as restaurants now hire grape feeders, marketing agencies are looking for influencer specialists.

  • The capacity of the labor market has been defined based on the flow of applicants and vacancies that moves in this segment, as well as the particularities of some companies in search of employment.

Job vacancies have resorted to all kinds of advertisements, including those that have to do with new positions that no one expected to see in a restaurantfor example, have “beautiful” hands to be a feeder of grapes to diners. In marketing, this evolution of the labor market in vacancies has been seen with positions such as that of specialists in influencers.

Websites What Indeeda well-known job bank on the internet, have consolidated up to 665 million 200 thousand visits unique in months like last May, according to SimilarWeb, thereby demonstrating the flow of talent that moves in the labor market and the diversity of vacancies that we can expect in the industry.

The figures help us measure the capacity at hand of the brands, where there is an interesting incidence, which is to see the new vacancies that have been opening and that are due to unique trends in the market both at the level of experience, as well as a fed of grapes in a restaurant, to a person specialized in influencer marketing.

Within the marketing industry, there have been vacancies within agencies for influencer marketing specialists, with names such as “digital influence manager”.

The requirements that they are asking for this type of job opportunities are experience in dealing with influencers, strategic thinking, knowledge in content marketing and mastery of the various categories in digital marketing such as celebrities, public figures, popularity in social networks and media relations.

Within the restaurant industry, Bacchanalia, for example, announced that on the eve of its opening as an Italian and Greek food venue that is about to receive diners in Mayfair, London, it launched a job advertisement, where it was looking for a grape feeder, who in addition to having “beautiful” hands, must have basic notions of Latin and Greek.

As part of the benefits of working as the “first grape feeder” in the restaurant industry, manicure services are offered, as well as access to the restaurant’s wines and food.

There is the volume of talent that moves in the labor market, with figures like the one projected by SimilarWeb; We also have the trends that have been imposed on the market, based on new segments that have been defined, such as marketers specialized in influencer marketing. It is evident the updating of vacancies in the labor market, to new positions such as the one that a restaurant announced.

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