Carrefour lowers the prices of Iberian ham they have some at 50%

When looking for the best way to start the year, you should take a close look at the good options available in the Carrefour shopping center. In addition to delighting palates with rich flavors and textures, the available offerings provide a lot of richness in terms of nutritional values.

So while presenting tentative options for the economy, this time Carrefour with your offer Iberian Ham, surprises us with a product with ample nutritional value, ideal to be incorporated into any healthy diet. Well, it provides us with proteins and other essential components for a good organic performance.

The Iberian ham from Carrefour ideal for eating

These units of Iberian ham from Iberian porkare not the only ones that put on sale or with a discount check, but also include some such as shoulderssausage envelopes and some boneless.

Carrefour pulls prices with an Iberian ham

It seems that in these dates where it is common to fall into excesses, many forget to value the contribution of what they eat. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that in addition to being an ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, Iberian Ham It contains a wide range of vitamins, specifically those of group B, such as vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. In addition to Vitamin E, and it is also composed of minerals, among which the calciumthe iron and the zinc. Below you can see some prices of more normal hams

Specialists affirm that approximately 100 grams of Iberian Ham acorn-fed are capable of providing the 20% iron that is recommended for women to consume daily. In addition, the Iberian Ham is a source of high biological value proteins essential for the proper functioning of our body.

Stock prices of hams are reduced before blackfriday 2022

This wonderful product offered by Carrefour weighs 7 kilograms and it is quite a luxury, playing on words with the name of the company that produces it, The luxurywhich certifies its origin.

Here you can see some, in total on the web or in the Mall you go, they have more than 17 varieties, and surely in the supermarkets there are some more depending on the community / province you are in, these are the hams what better price and quality have:

The best thing is that for just €99 It can be purchased to be an essential part of family celebrations, providing that touch of protein and nutrients that greatly offset the excess fat and calories that are usually present in Christmas celebrations.

Definitely, this is an offer that you cannot miss, and that invites you to go to the Carrefour closest to your home as soon as possible.

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