Auna acquires hospitals from the OCA group

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Monterrey.- The medical organization Auna SSA acquired the hospitals of the OCA Hospital group that operate in Monterrey.

The group of Peruvian origin and which has a presence in Colombia, will operate the three hospitals that are located in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey. The first of these is OCA Hospital, Doctors Hospital and Doctors Hospital East.

In Latin America, Auna SSA is one of the most important health groups and is in the process of expansion.

Through a statement, it announced that “it has acquired a 100% stake in the American Clinic Organization, (OCA), a leading health group in Monterrey, Mexico.”

In Nuevo León, the OCA group has the largest infrastructure, since it has 35 percent of the hospital beds.

With the acquisition, Auna SSA seeks to make the Monterrey metropolitan area the entry point to expand its presence in Mexico.

“We are very pleased with this acquisition, which allows us to expand our regional presence in the high-growth health care market in Mexico,” said Luis Felipe Pinillos, CEO of the company.

“OCA is the third largest hospital group in the country by number of beds and one of the main providers of key medical specialties and oncology services in Monterrey.”

In addition to the current facilities, it is expected that the hospital offer will soon increase when 550 hospital beds, 130 intensive care unit beds and 475 medical offices are added to the network of general health centers. They will also expand the premium oncology offer.

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