Eiza González denies that she will play “Elektra” in “Daredevil”

Eiza González is focused on other projects. Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

Eiza González silenced the rumors about her supposed appearance in the series of Disney Focused on “Daredevil”where would be “Elektra, love interest of the protagonist. The Mexican actress published in her account of Twitter several messages where he makes it clear that he will not be in the project and asked to “live free of malicious messages” from a character that he is not going to play.

in your account Twitter, Eiza Gonzalezwho is on vacation in San Miguel de Allende, ruled out that she was chosen to play the strong warrior “Elektra”news that has brought him a lot of hate, as he mentions in the tweets, and at the same time confirmed that he has a contract for the series “3 Body Problem”.

She further wrote that “I would really appreciate it if I could live free of mean and negative messages about me playing a role I don’t even know about.”

Denying the rumors about her participation in the Marvel series, the Mexican actress only wished the best for the cast of the series and said that she would see it; In addition, she assured that in the future she hopes to be able to play a superhero “at some point in my career and it would be a lot of fun and it would be an honor to be considered for it.”

Where did the rumor come from that Eiza González would play “Elektra” in “Daredevil”?

The original rumor arose from a post on a forum on Reddit where it was said that Eiza Gonzalez would “Elektra”announcement to be made in the San Diego Comic Con 2022 last July, something that did not happen. However, despite the fact that no such news was given, there was a negative reaction towards the actress, mainly attacking her acting abilities and the fact that a Latin actress was going to play a character of Greek origin.

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