Zara protects people during shooting in Plaza Andares

  • Within the study “Survey on changes in distribution due to the internet 2022” the reasons why consumers go to a physical store are deciphered.

  • The “Consumption in Russia 2021” gave the feeling of security of the consumer in the store.

  • Just as the stores become a safeguard against eventualities such as shootings, during the contingency the role of health security that the points of sale must play was demonstrated.

A store Zara became a refuge for dozens of consumers, who were in Plaza Andares in the city of Guadalajara, at the time a shooting was recorded on the site, turning the store into a shelter for consumers in moments of tension.

There is an interesting study titled “Survey on changes in distribution due to the internet 2022” where it is explained to us why consumers continue to choose to go to physical stores and the results are interesting, firstly because we realize that they are interested in the proximity of the premises, at least that is what one thinks 56 percent of consumers of shopping malls; other 55 percent considers that the prices in physical stores motivated them; 54 percent said they could check prices compared to other products and 47 percent He said that I could buy the product as soon as I paid for it.

Beyond the ordinary reasons that consumers have used to justify why they go to a store, there is one aspect that we cannot forget about these spaces and that is the security that they must provide to pedestrian traffic.

When the study “MI 2021 Global Recovery Wave 2”in this the percentage of consumers who intend to buy in supermarkets and shopping centers during the health contingency was discovered.

Within this study there are two concepts, those of grocery stores and those of retail stores in shopping centers. The latter won the preference of the consumer and not only that, they determined the opportunity to generate consumer care practices from a health approach.

The feeling of security during purchases has discerned emotions in the consumer that have been measured by studies such as “Consumption in Russia 2021”, where we are warned of how important it is to feel safe inside a store.

During the contingency, Russian consumers said 43 percent felt safe, 27 percent were honest and said they did not feel safe, and 30 percent felt neither safe nor free.

Zara, safe place

Dozens of consumers sheltered in a store Zara during the shooting that took place in Plaza Andares in the city of Guadalajara. The events were a terrible precedent for the level of security that exists in these consumption centers and the most challenging, the role that the points of sale must play to protect the consumer.

Within the video you can see the chaos that exists among the victims of panic and despair, even changing the role of the employees of Zara sales assistance to attendees in crisis situations.

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Said material that has been published on social networks is a reminder of the role that the store plays today and the capacity for transformation that they must face.

The retail converted into a physical security point is a challenge that reminds us how challenging the ability to understand the role of the consumer in emergency situations has become, which becomes key with the consumer and determines activities that have reached marks at a time when it becomes to identify the resources at hand in the design of these platforms.

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