Vitol, more scandals and now with CFE By Mario Maldonado

Vitol, the Dutch energy giant that was accused by the US Department of paying bribes to officials in Mexico and Ecuador between 2015 and 2020, continues to seek to overturn the veto imposed by the president. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador after being accused and punished for acts of corruption.

In 2021, after publicly acknowledging that it paid bribes to win business with Pemex, as well as with state-owned companies in Brazil and Ecuador, Vitol continued to participate in tenders with the Mexican government through practices that are considered unfair in the industry and border on the corruption.

Vitol has used small companies with no proven capacity to win contracts. These are companies that are used as a bridge so that the Dutch company is the final beneficiary of large sales of electricity and other inputs.

In August 2021, for example, a contract was signed in which CFE Generación sold 100 MW of energy to Tradeon Energy, which in turn transferred it to Vitol.

On the other hand, the former deputy director of Generation of the Federal Electricity Commission, Eduardo Arriola, jumped to Vitol México in 2019 as an energy expert and later became its legal representative without having let a year pass after his resignation from the CFE, which contravenes Mexican law. Since then, Vitol has benefited from the purchase of energy by the Non-Regulated Business Subdirectorate of the company that it heads. Manuel Bartlett.

In addition, the multinational energy firm maintained a contract with Pemex until at least February 2022, despite the fact that President López Obrador asked to veto it and review its operations in Mexico.

On May 10, President López Obrador demanded that Vitol directors reveal the names of the officials who received bribes to deliver contracts in the president’s government. Enrique Pena Nieto and described the company as “corrupt”. Nine days later, AMLO said that he already had the names.

Vitol’s story with Q4 began on December 4, 2018. The company was awarded a contract to import 11 million liters of light crude oil.

Eleven months later, on November 15, 2019, another six permits were granted to import 22 thousand 360 million liters of fuel, mainly gasoline. To store this volume of imported energy from the United States, Vitol obtained authorization from the Energy Regulatory Commission to operate the Río Bravo Terminal in Matamoros on May 28, 2020.

This terminal consists of 12 tanks with an operating capacity of 216 thousand barrels, equivalent to 34 million liters.

Between 2012 and 2017, Vitol México had as general director Luis Roca Ramisa, who since 2009 was a partner of Francisco “Pancho” Colorado Cessa, financial operator of Los Zetas, in the firm RRL Oilfields.

On his LinkedIn profile, Roca continues to appear as a representative of Vitol in Mexico, in addition to the company Terra Energy.

Adán Augusto “convinces” PRI members

The Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez, finally “convinced” the PRI senators to vote in favor of the reform that proposes the permanence of the Army in public security functions until 2028.

After almost two weeks ago the opinion was returned to Senate committees due to lack of votes to reach a qualified majority, everything indicates that today will be the day it is put to a vote in plenary, with the endorsement of practically all legislators. PRI members, including the most “rebellious”, such as the coordinator Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Claudia Ruiz Massieu Y Beatrice Paredes.

Also the PRI senator for Sinaloa, mario zamora, He would have been convinced by the Secretary of the Interior and by his colleagues on the bench, despite the fact that he made his rejection of the initiative clear in a video after his countryman and now ambassador to Spain, Quirino Ordaz, will compel him to vote in favour.

They say in the PRI that his video and announcement of voting against was surprising for everyone, because it is assured that it was Zamora himself who asked the former governor of Sinaloa for the tweet on his social networks, urging him to support the upcoming ruling. with the seal and blessing of the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies… of the PRI of Alito.


Good intentions of businessmen and the government of President López Obrador to try to curb inflation, with the reinforcement of the Pacic. The bad news is that the agreement is not going to bear fruit in the short or medium term. This week the inflation for September will be published and the data is anticipated at 8.4%. Banxico, in charge of maintaining price stability through monetary policy, expects the INPC to return to its desirable range of 3% until the second half of 2024. So a good photo in the National Palace of the president with the business representatives and good intentions. Nothing more.


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