Humberto Zurita talks about his relationship with Stephanie Salas

In recent years, much has been said about the sentimental life of Humberto Zurita, who on more than one occasion has been romantically linked with some of her closest friends, as well as with some of her co-workers. However, in recent weeks the rumors that the actor would have remade his sentimental life next to Stephanie Chambers They have been around him, the same ones that were reinforced after the mother of the actress, Sylvia Pasquel, hinted that, in fact, something was happening between his daughter and the soap opera heartthrob. And although Humberto had been reluctant to talk about his alleged affair with the singer of songs like Ave Mariahas finally broken the silence and has talked about his relationship with the actress.



It was during an interview given to the journalist Andrea Chiarello for the YouTube program Happy Moms, that Humberto decided to open his heart to talk about the way in which his relationship with Stephanie Salas has taken place, as well as the rumors that suggest that he maintains a love relationship with her, an opportunity in which the actor fully clarified opening each of these points, making it clear that between him and the also singer there is love from many years ago and that for now they are letting things flow between them. “I’m just going to tell you that Stephie and I are having a good time, we are having a good time,” said the interpreter, after he was questioned about the speculations that have haunted him in recent days.

Without going into further details, Humberto was clear when talking about the status of his relationship with Stephanie, insisting that for now they are both having a great time, as well as the great affection he has for her. “Having a good friend, a human being, and I don’t want to take away from what I’m living with Stephanie, but just leave it in that place where it is now, with that great respect and say that I’m having a great time. . And I have loved Stephanie very much for many years, ”clarified the interpreter, making it clear that her relationship with Salas is recent and she is in the first stage.


In that same sense, the actor was questioned about whether he is open to resuming his love life at some point in his life, something to which Humberto reacted by showing his funniest side: “I do not refuse love, because life without love Has no sense. Now, love has many colors: I can love my children, my brothers, my family, etc. But I was already in a seminar and I realized that I am not going to be celibate”, making it clear that he has always been open to love, although he does not dislike enjoying his solitude either. “I am good company for myself… I am not one of those people who need to go out on a limb or move from one place to another, here in this house I can be happy without company, but the truth is that life with company is very healthy” , he added.

Humberto talks about the friendship between Stephanie and Christian Bach

In a certain part of this talk, Humberto did not hesitate to talk about the beautiful friendship that Stephanie Salas and his wife, the late actress Christian Bach, managed to build at the time, who had known each other for many years working together in different theatrical and television productions. “Now Stephie tells me that they had such an intimate relationship. Christian went to Michelle’s parties, and Stephanie came here to this house to Sebastián and Emiliano’s parties, so they maintained a friendship that I did not know they had so strong, “said the actor.


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