They go against terraces and gardens with pools without permission

Juarez City.- The General Directorate of Civil Protection released a complaint number for terraces and gardens with swimming pools that operate without a permit, 656-737-0430.

In the verification program of these spaces, they work in coordination with the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Department of Ecology, Urban Development and Commercial Regulation, in order to verify that they have all the security measures and permits necessary to operate.

The head of Civil Protection, Roberto Briones Mota, said that citizens are asked to call 656-737-0430 if they have a complaint or complaint.

He mentioned that so far most of the complaints are due to high volume of music, scandal on public roads, invasion of parking spaces, among others.

“It is not forbidden to have a terrace or a garden for events, but they must meet the requirements requested by the authority, in addition to abide by certain rules, such as not playing loud music after 10 p.m. and not disturbing people. neighbors close to the place”, Briones specified.

He said that in the operations it is checked that they have operating licenses, land use and security measures; owners who do not present the required documentation have their activity suspended and are summoned to the Civil Protection Directorate to show their paperwork in order, then they are channeled to the Urban Development Directorate.

“Those who have a pool must also have a lifeguard certified by Civil Protection, since they must be properly trained to provide first aid in the event of an accident,” said the official.

Briones Mota revealed that 109 unregistered party gardens and 48 terraces that were located on social networks and through citizen complaints were detected.

The director of Civil Protection invited the owners of these places to regularize and have the corresponding permits for their operation, otherwise they could be subject to fines, as well as the closure of operations with the closure, sanctions ranging from 100 UMAS (Unit of Measurement and Update) up to 10 thousand UMAS, depending on the conditions that are seen, which are equivalent to 9 thousand 622 to 962 thousand 200 pesos.

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