La Semal celebrates its 20 years of commitment to promote Anti-Aging Medicine

In these two decades, Anti Aging has established itself as a way of life with personalized treatments based on scientific experience and increasingly effective.


La Semal (Spanish Society of Antiaging and Longevity Medicine) is celebrating its XX International Congress these days with more than a hundred speakers from all over the world. The experts will present the advances that have been made in the world in the different disciplines related to Antiaging Medicine in recent months so that the international community knows about them and can gradually incorporate them into consultations and transfer them to patients.

The president of the Semal, the surgeon José Serres, has highlighted the satisfaction of society for the celebration of these two decades promoting Anti-aging Medicine from Spain. “Semal is one of the most prestigious societies with the largest number of members in Europe, as well as being a non-profit Scientific Society”.

“Our activity and our congresses have placed us at a high level in the international ranking led by the United States, the country where this type of medicine has been most developed. They were the pioneers, back in the 90s”, he said.

Throughout these two decades, it has demonstrated its solidity as a society and has consolidated its prestige, since the most outstanding and prestigious scientists, researchers and doctors in this well-founded medical discipline have passed through its congresses.

The congress will analyze the advances made over these 20 years in which Anti Aging Medicine has experienced a remarkable boom and has directed its steps towards a type of highly specialized and evidence-based medicine. Along with drugs, nutraceuticals, and hormone modulation, a slower rejuvenating lifestyle is essential, including managing stress, eating less, staying physically and mentally active, and enjoying restful sleep. One of the tables of the congress analyzes the past, present and future of Anti-aging medicine in Spain and will pay tribute to how much it has contributed in these two decades at the beginning of the century.

The courses and workshops of the XX Congress were held this Thursday at the Madrid College of Physicians and included, among others, the participation of Dr. Dalle, who addressed current clinical practice in Antiaging Medicine, and Dr. Hertogue, who has presented his experience with hormonal treatment.


This Friday, and parallel to the Anti Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine sessions, an international symposium on gynecology will be held in coordination with the Spanish Society of Regenerative and Functional Aesthetic Gynecology (Segerf). It will respond to the rise of rejuvenation treatments and advances in intimate pathologies and will show the latest techniques to achieve it. This is an unprecedented course in Spain, a monograph on the female clitoris, the great unknown.

The inauguration of the congress will be held this Friday at the Hotel Riu Plaza de España, a forum in which more than a hundred experts from around the world will participate, not only in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine, but also in Aesthetic Medicine.

At a scientific level, the importance of keeping our arteries young, of intestinal health with the care of the microbiota, and the genetic influence on the way of aging will be analyzed.

Another expected topic is that of chronomedicine and aging: how sleep biorhythms influence health care and are a very important factor in not accelerating aging. The role of stem cells, exosomes, and regenerative medicine.

If there is an outstanding finding in these two decades, it has been the personalization of treatments. They must be adapted to each person and take into account their genetic background, lifestyle and circumstances. Together with the clinical part, the psychic aspect is analyzed, the vital attitude of the patients.


Aesthetics is the great ally of Anti Aging because it helps patients feel and look better. During the congress, the advances in Chronodisruption and diet, the trend towards intermittent fasting, redermalization and fibrin-rich plasma, among others, will be shown. Cases on recent complications with hyaluronic and various Fillers will be discussed, in addition to analyzing the importance of exosomes and hormones in aesthetics.

The new botulinum toxins will be another topic of debate, along with the evolution that threads have undergone until 2022 and other fashionable aesthetic treatments that help you feel better and younger.

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