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The actor, model and conductor Alfredo Adame was the victim of a beating outside his home on the afternoon of Wednesday September 28. According to his statements in the media, the incident originated after he offered help to a young man who came in the company of a woman with a gunshot wound.

after the fact he was verbally assaulted, as well as punched and kicked by two subjects. Police in the area separated them and took the actor to the prosecutor’s office to offer his statements, as well as to be evaluated by a forensic doctor. At night he shared that as a result of the blows he had skull fractures and possible retinal detachment; tenth you all the updates of the case.

Alfredo Adame updates information after beating

Alfredo Adame was approached by the media around noon while he arrived at the hospital to be checked by the ophthalmologist, there he confirmed that the result of his attack was four fractures in the cheekbone, three external and one internal, In addition, the damage to the retina continues to be evaluated, since due to the inflammation it is impossible to determine its detachment.

This is how the beating of Alfredo Adame goes legally

Regarding the legal process that he initiated against his aggressors, he offered new updates on the case and revealed the existence of a video a security camera shows his attacker taking a stone, which would confirm the theory of doctors and experts that Adame was hit with an object and not “with a bare fist”; his assistant said last night that it could have been tubes.

A video has already appeared where the guy who attacked me, the one who comes from behind and hits me, grabs a stone,” he said.

However, for the moment will not be shared with the media since it is an expert evidence and its exhibition would imply damage to the investigations.

“Pick up a stone and It comes to me with the stone, the video is already there, this is going to expert and the video cannot be shown,” he added.

He also confirmed that Both subjects are detained and he assured that he will reach the last instances to get justice. According to the statements of the model, those involved could spend between five and nine years in prison

“They are detained and they are going to be subject to process, as far as they go, I go to the bottom.”

This is the health of Alfredo Adame

He provided details about the clinical processes to follow for its rehabilitation. First, he will have to undergo surgery on his face. His fractures are not urgent, so doctors can schedule the intervention while requesting the necessary material; Titanium plates will be placed.

Upon leaving his medical assessment, he explained that your eye is more inflamed than yesterday, for which he was referred to the National Institute of Rehabilitation for an ultrasound to confirm or rule out possible damage to the cornea; He will be operated on in about three weeks.

Did Alfredo Adame record criminals?

He categorically denied that the altercation originated because of the footage he made of the events with his cell phone, he even showed the cameras his reel of photos and videos to show that this is totally falsealthough he pointed out that if he had that is not a crime.

He assured that thanks to information that the prosecution provided him, criminals have prior records.


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