Alfredo Adame gives a version of the shooting that occurred in Tlalpan; viral video

Alfredo Adame will need stitches due to injuries. Photo: Instagram/adame reacts.

The only thing I wanted was to help and I was attacked“said the actor. Alfredo Adame resulting in serious injury after being hit by two people outside his home, located in the town hall Tlalpanso he went to the facilities of the Attorney General of Justice (FGJ) of Mexico City to file a complaint.

In accordance with Alfredo AdameWhen he got home, he noticed the presence of patrols and security elements in the areain addition to a body lying on the ground, and when inquiring about what happened among his neighbors, it was when a man arrived in the company of a woman with a gunshot wound.

“I am the victim of a very delicate matter”

“I am a collateral victim of a very delicate matter, where unfortunately a police officer died on the corner of my house, and then some people came there and the only thing I wanted I went to help and I came out assaulted and beaten, but I’m fine. To all of you, for your concern, thank you very much, they are going to do all the studies to see if there is no retinal detachment, I am going to need many stitches”.

Alfred Adame.

In the first statements to the media, Alfredo Adame said that, by trying to help the people who arrived at his home, the subject was the one who initiated the aggressions towards his personand later, an alleged partner also hit him when he ended up on the ground.

“He turns around, so I kick him, I kick him and then the guy falls back. And one comes from behind, coward, who was with him in the middle of the street, comes from behind and throws a punch at me, a bell. I have a wound of six, eight stitches, and possibly the retina detaches it. When he gives me the super lockdown, I fall and they start kicking me in the face and they both start kicking me. Suddenly the police allow themselves to come and grab them and right now I am in the Tlalpan 3 Prosecutor’s Office because I am going to file a complaint for injuries, for everything.

Alfred Adame.

A policeman killed during persecution in Tlalpan

According to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), an attack was caused by firearm shots in the El Mirador and Cerrada de Mirador streets, Ejidos de San Pedro Mártir neighborhood, Tlalpan mayor’s office.

At the scene, a 43-year-old man He was found dead due to the seriousness of his injuries.; while a 43-year-old woman presented hemothorax with two bullet wounds, for which she was transferred to a hospital for her medical care.

Witnesses indicated that two people on a motorcycle approached and one of them pulled a firearm and carried out the detonations; he subsequently boarded a burgundy pickup truck driven by another man to flee.

Uniformed officers who were in the area located a vehicle that matched the characteristics described, so an officer approached to stop their march; however, the crew did ignored and threw the vehicle against the policewho tried to hold on to the chest of the unit so as not to be run over, where they fired shots at him.

The officer was treated by personnel from the Emergency Medical and Rescue Squad (ERUM) who He was diagnosed with no vital signs due to a projectile injury to the right side..

They locate one of the possible aggressors

After monitoring the video surveillance cameras, one of the possible perpetrators of the assault on the officer was located, who was arrested. At the moment, the investigation and follow-up work continues to arrest the others involved.

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