Yolanda Andrade branded Pati Chapoy a liar and warned her: “Be careful with your tongue”

(Photos: Instagram)
(Photos: Instagram)

The dispute between Laura Zapata and Yolanda Andrade continue to advance level and now Pati Chapoy was left in the middle of the conflict after defending The villain of soap operas.

It was during a broadcast of windowing where the drivers recalled the back and forth among the famous, among them, in which Yolanda assured that Zapata benefited from her sister Thalía’s money under the pretext of the care she gave her grandmother Eva Mange.

Given this, Chapoy did not remain silent and accused Andrade and Montserrat Oliver of asking one of the boxers for money. most important Mexicans in the country.

“And who was the person extended his hand in Culiacán to Julio César Chávez? Yolanda…”, said Pati Chapoy during the evening of Aztec TV.

Given this, Yolanda Andrade did not remain silent and from her account Twitter He not only attacked Chapoy, but with another of the presenters.

“Watch your tongue and little hand #patychapoy You and your botarga #danielbisoño They have to show me those tests. #yolandaandrade DON’T lie to people! I challenge you to the Liar Tests”, wrote the presenter of Montse and Joe.

But the “controversy” did not end there since Julio César also appeared in the conversation and sent a forceful message to the driver of Windowing.

my dear patty your source of information is wrong, since they never asked me for money Neither Yolanda, nor Monse, and also with my dear Pablo Montero, are leaving me in a bad way and grab someone else, hahaha, greetings, “he posted.

Yolanda Andrade has been in the public eye after meddling in a long dispute with Laura Zapatathis, after the soap opera villain called Mexicans eggn * s.

The comment of the veteran actress was made in reference to the social programs that the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorsuch as the Scholarship to start and the Welfare pension for older adults, incentives that, according to the actress of Maria mercedesare well received by people who for “8 thousand pesos, just stretch out their hand.”

To this, Yolanda Andrade pointed out: ““Mexicans are NOT eggs, the egg is you. You’ve run out of your corn that Thalía gave you, get to work, ”wrote the presenter of Montse & Joewho later stated knowing that Thalía sent 3 thousand dollars a month to Laura Zapata to meet the maintenance and care expenses of Mrs. Eva Mange, grandmother of both, who lost her life last June at the age of 104.

(Photo: CUARTOSCURO) (Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: CUARTOSCURO) (Photo: Getty Images)

In addition, Laura Zapata has been harshly criticized due to the accusations that point to her as a “bad sister”, since she allegedly only seeks to take advantage of Thalía’s fortune, whom she recently pointed out for not helping her with the expenses of her grandmother’s funeral.

Given this, the famous soap opera villain revealed at a press conference that his relationship with the interpreter of wrong it is not in the best condition.

“He hasn’t (talked to me). And now if he talks to me who knows if she will find me because I already blocked her”, pointed out the actress recently on the outskirts of Televisa.


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