While Funes Mori insults Mexico, this is how La Volpe del Tri speaks in Argentina

Ricardo La Volpe / Rogelio Funes Mori
Ricardo La Volpe / Rogelio Funes Mori


Ricardo Antonio La Volpe He is one of the coaches who has left school in Mexican soccer. A renowned strategist who left a legacy of great soccer players in his passing in national football. Not for nothing coaches of the stature of Josep Guardiola have praised him as a great technical director.

The Argentine coach won the affection of a certain sector of the Mexican fans due to his showy style of play in the Selection mexican. Many consider the stage of the ‘Bigotón’ as one of the best that El Tri has had in its history, because his football was purposeful, full of ideas and good results.

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Now, La Volpe wins the hearts of Mexicans again with his most recent statements, as he maintained his praise for Tri and Mexican soccer: “El Tri has the players that the world is looking for today, I’m telling you that Tecatito Corona and Chucky Lozano are unbalanced players. There are also (Uriel) Antuna and (Alexis) Vega, who are good because in Mexico there are still teams that play with players on the outside”, he commented to ESPN Argentina.

His wish for La Volpe is to see the Fifth game of the Tri

“The only thing I want for Mexico, because of the years it has been in Mexico and I even have Mexican grandchildren, I would like them to go to the fifth game. We will have to wait and see what happens with Poland,” he concluded. It should be remembered that El Tri’s match against Poland will be on November 22, the date that will set the pace for Martino’s World Cup.

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