trailer without brakes takes a car and people; Just-in-time video- Uno TV

In Morelos, a trailer without brakes takes cars and people. Photo: Video Capture

in Morelosa trailer without brakes tied a parked car and people near the vehicle; a camera captured the exact moment of the fatal accident on the Mexico-Cuautla highway at the height of Yecapixtla Cruise where two people lost their lives.

How was the accident in which the trailer took people and a car by the tie?

The strong accident on the trailer without brakes was recorded on a security camera where the exact moment in the that in the state of Moreloson the road Mexico-Cuautla, At the height of the Yecapixtla cruise, a cargo vehicle without brakes crashed into several people, a car and a mechanical workshop at the foot of the road.

The event happened this tuesday september 27 around of the one p.mthis was reported by Civil Protection of Morelos, without showing more details of the accident in which a trailer without brakes was involved, except that they were working for clear the road to Cuautla and Yecapixtla

As the hours passed, started to go viral video of the exact moment in which the trailer takes everything that was in its path by the tie. Including people, a parked car and even a mechanical workshop located on the shore of the road in Morelos.


What was the total balance of the accident where the trailer runs out of brakes according to Morelos?

Health Services of Morelos, reported that after a trailer without brakes took a car and people in ties, the balance would be 2 dead people and four seriously injured. According to the state agency, medical care was provided to four people at the General Hospital of Cuautla “Mauro Belaunzarán Tapia”.

It is a 35-year-old male, with a serious health condition, as well as a 66-year-old male; a 34-year-old man, very delicate, and a 21-year-old female, with serious status, who is stabilized in the medical unit and her transfer to the hospital was prepared. General Hospital of Cuernavaca “Dr. Jose G. Parres”.

Until now, the government of Morelos has not given more indications of health status of the victims of this crash, where the trailer was left without brakes, in addition, there is also talk of considerable material losses, because the truck impacted another car, as well as the business that was on the side of the road.

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