This was said by AMLO about the attack by the father of Mauricio Tabe on an Invea worker – El Financiero

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador referred this Wednesday to the attack by Daniel Tabe Tabefather of the PAN mayor of Miguel HIdalgo, Mauricio Tabeto a worker of the Administrative Verification Institute (Invea) From Mexico City.

Questioned on this subject in the morning conference, the Mexican president refused to describe in any way the aggression of the taquero; however, he pointed out that there is a double discourse among those who defend him, since at the same time criticize workers and peasants who manifest themselves carrying their work tools.

“Let’s not get into that. It is treated here because it is still a political issue, because it is always double talk: ‘What a barbarity, those from Atenco bring their machetes!’ It is the double standard. It is a way of thinking and acting, there is a lot of hypocrisy,” said AMLO at the National Palace.

“If one of these things is done by any other person, son! But it turns out that you want to talk about how they are good people and that the rest is rabble, we are nacos, They don’t know that nacos are in fashion. But they think they are superior in everything, and when they discover what they really are, they teach the copper,” added AMLO.

Prosecutor investigates Mauricio Tabe’s father

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) initiated an investigation folder against daniel tabeafter he attacked public servants of Invea with a knife, who were closing one of his taquerias in the Escandón neighborhood due to improper land use.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the capital reported the beginning of the investigation and indicated that a complaint for the threat with a knife that Mr. Daniel Tabe made to the Invea staff, that “he inspected the site and found irregularities. This caused a person to wield a sharp weapon and attacked public servants identified with credentials and vests.”

Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that at the request of the Public Ministry, elements of the investigation police (PDI) began proceedings to search for images from public and private video surveillance cameras for analysis, as well as to interview witnesses to the events.

Mauricio Tabe’s father apologizes

After that broadcast videos Daniel Tabe’s attack on Invea staff, the father of the PAN mayor apologized through a message posted on social networks.

“I am very sorry for my conduct today, I never meant to hurt someone. Honestly, I felt very angry that they closed my business that has cost me many years of work, “said Daniel Tabe.

In the same way, he said that the people who know him know the time he has invested in growing his business and took the opportunity to offer an apology to the Invea verifiers.

“The people who know me know perfectly well how long it has taken me to build this business, but nothing justifies what I did. I feel very sorry and I offer an apology to the fact checkers who were just doing their job. I really regret it, it doesn’t go with my personality”, he assured.

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