They lynch public transport thieves in Ecatepec, one of them died from the blows

neighbors of the Colonia Expansion San José XalostocOf the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos, State of Mexicobeat up two alleged robbers of the public transportcausing the death of one of them.

It was during the afternoon of Monday, September 26, when the events occurred.

According to witnesses, the two subjects robbed a passenger truck, from whom they snatched cell phones, wallets and other valuables.

However, meters later, when the thieves were about to get off the public transport unit, residents of Ampliación San José Xalostoc were already waiting for them.

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After being identified, weeks before, as the perpetrators of several robberies that occurred in trucks that followed the same route, the neighbors organized to take revenge.

In the streets of said neighborhood, the inhabitants of the site as well as the passengers of the assaulted truck, pounced on the alleged thieves and lowered them from the unit.

There, on the sidewalk, they beat them and threw stones at them, which caused obvious injuries to the subjects, who were covered in blood.

At the time the emergency units arrived at the site, the paramedics reported that one of the subjects had no vital signs, while the other was transferred to a hospital in serious condition.

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