Survivor Mexico 2022: Who has a better chance of being a WINNER: Nahomi, Kenta or Julian?


Find out which of the three FINALISTS of Survivor Mexico 2022 has the best chance of becoming the champion of the third season.

Who WILL BE THE WINNER of Survivor Mexico 2022: Nahomi, Kenta or Julian?
© Instagram: @survivormexicoWho WILL BE THE WINNER of Survivor Mexico 2022: Nahomi, Kenta or Julian?

Only a couple of days left reality show grand finale Of survival, only the three finalists remain in the contest: Nahomi, Kenta and Julian. The public will decide with their votes Who the winner or winner of the third season of Survivor Mexico 2022discover which competitor has the best chance of being crowned champion.

Here we leave you one guide on how to vote for your favorite participantfor you to help him become the winner of Survivor Mexico 2022 on September 30.

Will Julian become the winner of Survivor Mexico 2022?

In the return of the eliminated to the Tribal Council, many of them showed their support for Julianamong them Ale SaadiSpoon, cath, Cynthia, David Ortegamoving the former Falcon to tears. Everyone agreed that Julian is the one who has proven to be the strongest, most loyal and has honestly played his strategies.

Will Nahomi become the winner of Survivor Mexico 2022?

In different means of spoilers, Nahomi was the first confirmed finalisteven There has been talk that there could be a certain preference of the production towards the makeup artist so that she becomes the Winner. Among those eliminated, Catalina continues to show her support, however, Saadi and Cathe confronted Nahomi at the recent Tribal Council and revealed that he had lied to everyone. That added to Yusef’s betrayalhas caused a boycott on social networks, where many followers ask not to vote for her anymore.

Will Kenta become the winner of Survivor Mexico 2022?

Kenta has shown throughout the competition to be one of the strongest and smartest competitorsin addition to having great popularity outside of Survivor Mexico 2022. Kenta is dedicated to modeling and is a star of social networks, on Instagram alone she has almost 100 thousand followers., which could help you a lot in votes. In addition to the fact that it could be the competitor that best uses the prize, since He has said that he needs the money because his father is sick.

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