Saadi counterattacks and exhibits Nahomi: “How bad it looks”

Yesterday’s Tribal Council in Survivor Mexico It worked for the participants to present their positions regarding everything that has happened in the competition.

Shocking revelations at the Survivor Mexico Tribal Council.

Nahomi, Kenta and Julián became the finalists this season, but this achievement has been accompanied by many strategies. One of the fights that grabbed the attention last night was that of Nahomi, Cathe and Saadi,

who presented their comments to thousands of viewers.

Saadi and Cathe accused Nahomi of being a liar and also of betraying participants she had sworn to protect. China defended itself and assured that Ale Saadi she is just manipulating the Survivor Mexico participants to make her look bad.

After Nahomi’s words, Saadi reopens the wound and dedicates this strong message to the first finalist of the survival reality show.

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Saadi sends a strong message to Nahomi

Through his Instagram stories, Saaid spoke of all the controversy experienced in the tribal council uncovering Nahomi’s alleged lies. Alejandra said she had seen the advance of Survivor Mexico, so now she is surprised that La China continues to speak ill of her.

“I am extremely impressed to see that Nahomi keeps blaming me for things. He accuses me of manipulating everyone the participants who are in the Dominican Republic… but many more people talk about Nahomi. How bad it is and how sad that he is referring to me like that, “said the former participant of The Others.

It was on their own social networks, where saadi reported that at the Tribal Council he only defended himself against accusations of “passing information” to other members of the competition.

“The only thing I did in the tribal council was defending myself from things that weren’t real. To say that I passed information; I just defended myself against it,” she concluded.

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