Persecution, shooting, police murder and beating of Alfredo Adame; the account of what happened

This Wednesday, September 28, has not been a quiet day for the mayor’s office Tlalpan.

An element of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) was killed in the streets of the neighborhood Santa Maria Tepepanafter he allegedly chased men suspected of murder.

The moment in which the capital policeman was killed by the subjects boarding a truck was captured on video by private security cameras in the area.

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In the recording it is observed that the agent is holding the hood of a truck that is circulating; then shots are seen from the driver’s side and the security element falls to the asphalt and the truck continues on its way.

It is worth mentioning that in said video, a motorcyclist is observed who is apparently also involved in a robbery whose report was attended by the cash that was shot to death this afternoon in the streets of the Tlalpan mayor’s office.

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Why did they beat Alfredo Adame?

Moments later, the actor Alfredo Adamereported on his social networks that he had been beaten in this demarcation by “some thugs”, however, residents of the area assured that the driver was also attacked because he was trying to record subjects who had just been shot.

At the moment of reaching the point of the brawl, several of the witnesses asked Adame to leave -apparently the aggressors were friends of those who had attacked the policemen- and for no apparent reason, they beat him up, injuring him in an eye.

It is reported that there are two detainees for this fact.

new_project_7_15.jpgAlfredo Adame after the beating

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