League 1 | Kylian Mbappé and a new disappointment: the reason why the PSG dressing room calls him the ‘capricious boy’

that very young Kylian Mbappe that burst in force a few years ago, with a mischievous look and a fully smiling face, has mutated in a brutal way in this latest season. It is not that now he looks frowning, far from it, but that personality that seemed somewhat introverted during his first appearances was left quite behind with the conflicts that have been putting him in the eye of the storm both in the PSG like in the Selection of France.

Since Leo Messi arrived at the Parisian team, the French striker practically lost the link with Neymar, the other great star of the team with a close relationship with the Argentine. In fact, just a few games ago they staged a fight to see who was the owner of the penalties and that conflict generated noise around the world.

Meanwhile, the influence he had on the departure of Mauricio Pochettino and the alleged blacklist that he presented for some of his own teammates to leave PSG continued to levitate in the air and no fan forgot about it, despite the attempt to do so due to the good performance shown on the pitch.



The results cover everything

With a huge presence in the Champions League and in the French league, PSG saves trouble with its fans based on results. If history changes, internal conflicts may take on greater prominence.



PSG needs the trident united

To go in search of the great desire that is the Champions League, Galtier and company must keep the three galactic in harmony, capable of unlocking any game situation as long as there is solidarity and commitment on the field.

Finally, a scandal outside the PSG but French anyway: the refusal to be part of a photo session of the French Football Federation (FFF) that forced the entity to backtrack on the signed contracts and give it the power to choose who to work with and who not , despite any internal agreements they may have.

All this and more made Mbappe would come to be seen as an explosive player, capable of saying no to real Madrid at the last minute and leave all the Merengue fans on fire. Now, an article from the middle The confidential realizes that in the PSG dressing room they nickname him the ‘capricious child’.

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Leandro Paredes and Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappé, the ‘capricious child’ of PSG

Mbappe He has gone from being idolized to being plagued. The madridistas do not want to know anything about the forward who left them ‘planted at the altar’, the PSG dressing room looks at him like a capricious child who conditions the club’s sporting decisions, his coach is bothered by his comparisons with his role in the national team and in the Federation Their sponsorship demands have not gone down well, ”they detailed from the newspaper.

They also focused on the fact that some compatriots were angry at their disinterested stance on climate change. It is that recently in a press conference he was consulted about an unnecessary flight they made to move internally and instead of taking the cause with the seriousness that it deserved, he laughed in front of everyone.


The scandalous laugh of Mbappé in full press conference.


Lionel Messi spoke without turns about Kylian Mbappé and what he said caused an impact

Leo Messi He spoke from the United States to the whole world, interviewed by the historic Hristo Stoichkov (for TUDN), with whom they even exchanged Ballon d’Ors. The Argentine crack referred to the selected team, but above all what resonated in the world was his response to the query about Kylian Mbappé, whom he showered with praise.

“It was a very big change after spending so much time in one place, my house, knowing everything by heart (in Barcelona), to move on to something new, something I had never done, change teams, city, adapt the family. And now I am more adapted, more prepared, eager, enjoying”, said Leo.


Leo and Kylian, together with PSG.


And he added: “With Ney we know each other by heart, we enjoyed a lot of time in Barcelona, ​​I would have liked to be able to enjoy more in Barcelona, ​​but life found us again in Paris. and Killian [Mbappé] He is a different player, a beast that is very strong in one-on-one, that goes to space, is very fast, has a lot of goals, is a very complete player and has been proving it for years”.

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