It will go badly for those who act unfairly, says AMLO about accusations against Américo Villarreal

Prior to TEPJF qualifying the election for governor of Tamaulipas where he was elected Americo Villarreal (Brunette), the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He warned that if an injustice is committed, nothing is going to be resolved, and things are going to get worse.

“On the contrary, things are going to get worse and it’s going to go badly for those who act unfairly, it’s not like before, hopefully this call will serve.”

At a press conference, at the National Palace, the head of the Executive said that the resolution of the Electoral Tribunal must be awaited, which he said has taken time, and that generates more speculation, confrontation, defamation and dirty war.

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“You cannot manufacture crimes by slogan, imagine in these times also us in my case, hopefully and it is understood, I who suffered, who suffered from so many frauds, imagine if I am already as President if I am going to remain silent if I see a fraud Of course not, I am also here to enforce democracy, to enforce the constitution, article 39 of the constitution, which establishes that power emanates from the people”.

Américo Villareal, a decent man: AMLO

He asked to wait for the Court to resolve and leave it to the competent authorities to be the ones to present evidence, investigate and act freely.

“I know Dr. Américo Villareal, I consider him a decent man, a straight man, nothing to do with mafias, he is accused, for example, in addition to the false documents sent without authorization from the ambassador (Ken Salazar) and there are so many agents and they are so loose of as in the agencies there is no order, to the foreign agencies, and they can send reports such as what they did with General Cienfuegos, newspaper clippings, screenshots, all wrongly done without proof, but someone downstairs wanted to harm him, harm the institution, the government…”

“But apart from that, there is talk that there is a municipality called Hidalgo in Tamaulipas and there is an organization (Pedro José Méndez Armed Column) that is accused of being linked to illicit activities,” he said.

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He recalled that at the time that group supported the current governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca (PAN), and now it is discovered that they have criminal relations.

“We are going to wait for the court with elements and with evidence, because I am talking about four municipalities, which can mean for the population of Tamaulipas from 3 to 5% of the population. But what happened in Nuevo Laredo, Tampico, Victoria, in Altamira and in all the municipalities, or does this organization dominate all of Tamaulipas? , but if they have evidence to present it”.

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