“I am a collateral victim”, Alfredo Adame reappears and leaves a message to his followers

The actor Alfredo Adameuploaded a video to his Instagram account, in which he explained that he was a collateral victim of a very delicate matter, “where unfortunately a police officer died on the corner of my house and then some people came there.”

After the events in the mayor’s office Tlalpan this afternoon, the driver also appeared in a video on his social network with a bandage on his head and with his eye apparently very injured.

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“The only thing I wanted was to help and I was attacked and beaten and all this, but I’m fine, to all of you for your concern, thank you very much,” said Adame.

He also shared his anguish over whether his bruises end in a detached retina and stated that he was going to need a lot of stitches.

Why did they beat Alfredo Adame?

The actor, host and former politician, Alfredo Adamewas attacked in the Tlalpan mayor’s office in Mexico City, for allegedly trying to record two people who had just been shot in that demarcation.

This was shared by the journalist Carlos Jiménez, who reported that the neighbors declared that those who had beaten Adame were relatives of the murdered person.

With a photo in which he is seen with blows to his face, especially in his left eye that looks closed and with blood around it, Adame reported the attack.

“A few minutes ago I was the victim of some thugs, with some serious injuries… I’ll tell you later… I’m fine,” the actor wrote via Instagram where hundreds of Internet users wished him that it was nothing serious.

Due to the facts, there are two detainees.


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