Hospital Pharmacy: personalized patient care

María Espinosa, specialist pharmacist at the Regional Hospital of Malaga.

The Hospital pharmacy advance by leaps and bounds towards Precision Medicine in search of identifying the individuality of the patient and, in this way, being able to offer the best targeted treatment from the first moment. With this objective in mind, the sector wants to guarantee the pharmacotherapeutic needs of the population through a appropriate, safe and cost-effective use of medicinesas assured Maria Espinosaspecialist pharmacist at the Regional Hospital of Malaga, in the Innovative Healthcare Organization Conference organized by Medical Writing.

María Espinosa, specialist pharmacist at the Regional Hospital of Malaga.

“If medical attention were adapted to individual needs, trying to prevent diseases and establishing the best possible treatment with the optimal dose from the first momentwould change radically the way of treating patients”, he defended.

However, despite the fact that this transformation towards a model oriented towards personalized and individualized care is beginning to be a reality, the field of Precision Medicine presents numerous challenges in reaching this level of care.

In this line, Espinosa has highlighted the identification of value, equity and social justice, Health Economics, training and data protection as the main obstacles to be overcome. “As a collective, we are addressing the needs of the patient and reversing these challenges”, she has expressed.

María Espinosa, specialist pharmacist at the Regional Hospital of Malaga.

As stated at the event, which was co-organized by the Spanish Society of Health Directors (SEDISA), with the main sponsorship of Boehringer Ingelheim and the collaboration of Air Liquide Healthcare, the hospital center service has managed, in 2021, a consumption of €100 million, thus highlighting the “important” responsibility they have in their hands. “Continuous growth is taking place, in line with that experienced by pharmaceutical spending globally,” he added.

Not only is the activity and growth of the Hospital Pharmacy Service intensifying, but also the relationship with the outpatient. “Many of these patients are chronic, so we end up establishing a very strong bond with them because we need dispensing medication for a long time”, he pointed out.

Hospital Pharmacy Service

On the other hand, Espinosa has stressed that this “small” service, which is exclusively made up of hospital pharmacists Y Nursing technical staffwithout doctors among its ranks, is directing its efforts towards a specialization in clinical areas and not technical.

Lastly, the specialist pharmacist explained that the Service collaborates “actively” with other units to achieve multidisciplinary integration, participating in interdisciplinary protocolization and individualized evaluation. Also in the area of ​​dispensing drugs, both in the Day Hospital and in outpatients and in the home service, which has intensified with the pandemic.

“We are working on a collaborative project with the hospital management to establish this Multidisciplinary Unit, but counting on the experience of the patient”, the specialist concluded, but not without first stressing that the group’s mission is “to improve the health of patients” : “We are making great efforts to achieve it”.

Espinosa points out the challenges that Precision Medicine presents.

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