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There is no doubt that the third fight they had Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin was full of tension in the corners of both fighters, especially in their coacheswho lived through the war to the fullest, especially Eddy Reynosowho he did not hesitate to give his ‘pull on the ears’ to the man from Guadalajara when he saw it necessary during the battle against the Kazakh.

And it is that in the closing of the fight, during the DAZN broadcastyou could hear and see how Eddy Reynoso caught the attention of Canelo because I was letting Golovkin grow up in the fightwho at the end of the contest released the moorings and began to throw more punches in the humanity of the Tapatio.

“Don’t let it grow, dude. Three rounds left, no more. How do you feel?”, were the first words he fired Eddy Reynoso to the Cinnamon when he reached his corner after the end of the ninth round: “Good”replied the Mexican boxer, to which his coach added.

You have to do them well (all three rounds), you are younger than him, you have to get youth“, said Eddy in his last indications, prior to send Álvarez to face the tenth round against GGG.

The warning to Canelo prior to round 11

The tenth round ended with a strong clash of heads between the Canelo and Golovkinwhere the Mexican took the worst part, because ended up with a cut on the eyebrowso once he got back to his corner he was warned by Eddy Reynoso.

“Recover, two rounds to go. He already saw you cut off and he’s going to go out and throw everything because he’s losing the fight, apply yourself!“, he mentioned Eddy Reynosowhile Canelo accepted the indication.

The scolding of Canelo before round 12

The eleventh assault between Cinnamon Y GGG It was history, so before the last round that would culminate in their three-fight rivalry, Eddy Reynoso did not want surprisesso that warned the Mexican that the Kazakh would go out and give everything and that he should not lower his arms.

That’s nothing (cut), one round to go. It’s the last round, Saul. He is going to come out with everything, you are more whole than him, He doesn’t want you to be lowering your fucking hands to me, dude, there are only three minutes left and I want you to do well,” said the Mexican’s coach, who would finally end up taking the victory against the Kazakh by unanimous decision.

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