Why do they accuse Rocío Sánchez Azuara of deceiving her fans?

The main challenge of the ‘talk shows’ in Mexico is that of credibility, on many occasions they were accused that the panelists are actors and receive a payment to appear on television. Rocio Sanchez Azuara He denied this situation and assured that the cases in his programs are true.

The host announced on her return to TV Azteca that this format is made up not only of television specialists, but will also have a team of professionals in fields such as law, health and psychology.

In addition, he promised to treat the issues with delicacy, respect, intelligence, and in this format he can see it as a family, where there will be no violence.

He promised to follow up on the cases, to show the audience that there can be happy outcomes.

“We document them so that we can witness the opportunities that are provided.”

However, throughout these months he was accused of deceiving his audience.

Reacts to alleged recycling of panelists

This week a Twitter user presented evidence that on the potosina program the guest that day was the same woman who attended the Gaby Crassus show, only with a different name and problem.

The subject mentioned ‘apparently the productions of ‘Approach Rocío’ and ‘Asuntos de familia’ use the same penalista for their respective programs.’

The most incredible thing was that the fraud or deception of viewers was verified in a very simple way, since both programs were shown on the same day and at the same time.

The user said that one ‘version’ of the same person was on Imagen Televisión and the other on TV Azteca.

In ‘Approach Rocío’, the host introduces the guest woman by the name of Erika, who comes for help because they are bewitching her. She appears dressed in black with beige; with short black hair. Watch the video here:

And in ‘Family Affairs’, the same guest was already another person. Her name was Lola and they were being unfaithful to her. Here, the woman is back in black and with the same haircut.

@elmarciano_77 At the same time in two different shows, here her name is Lola… WATCH THE DUO and leave your comment #acercatearocio #asuntosdefamilia #tvazteca #imagentv #chismosos #foryou #fypシ #soycreador #parati ♬ original sound – El Marciano77

It is not the first time that the supposed farce of the programs has been pointed out, both Sánchez Azuara and his producer denied casting for the broadcasts.

In a live program, he said that when someone is advancing “dogs start barking.”

“I want to silence a little bit those rumors that have already started… you can’t do things right because the dogs are already starting to bark, and I’m referring to that phrase that says ‘Don Quixote walking even if the dogs bark’, right? They have already begun to say that the cases are false. No sirs!”

This time it seems that he is not going to respond to the accusations and maintains his commitment to the hearing of his broadcast, to present real cases.

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