The UN “cannot” deal with the issue of war, reproaches Ebrard

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard criticized the United Nations Organization (UN) He has not been able to prevent or put a stop to the Russian invasion of Ukraine during his intervention in the body’s Security Council.

“It has not been possible to fulfill the mandate conferred by the Charter of the United Nations, as it has failed to prevent war or take measures to put an end to armed aggression,” he said during the general debate of the 77th ordinary period of sessions of the General Assembly.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs proposed, on behalf of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to form a Committee for Dialogue and Peace in Ukraine, with the participation of other heads of state and government, including the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and Pope Francis.

He stressed that the intention of this committee is to “generate the conditions to bring the parties closer to the mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of disputes that the Charter of the United Nations indicates.”

He lamented that the UN has not managed to “direct any diplomatic process to seek a solution through dialogue and negotiation,” although he did not clarify how the Mexican approach will achieve it. Among the objectives of President López Obrador’s peace plan are that “the entire supply of humanitarian assistance required arrives” and “openly support the work of the secretary general.”

The foreign minister recalled that in his two years as an elected member of the Security Council, Mexico “has tried to delve into the structural causes of conflicts”, promoted preventive diplomacy and brought forgotten issues such as “poverty, corruption and inequality as underlying factors of conflict, mental health as an inescapable objective of humanitarian aid and notions of masculinities to prevent radicalization and The terrorism”.

He brought to the discussion the need to coordinate between the main organs of the UN to stop “the illicit flows of small and light weapons, which violate regional and international security and hinder the processes of demobilization and disarmament.” Although it did not clarify it, Mexico, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has mounted the issue by filing a civil lawsuit in the United States against weapons manufacturers as a first step to stop the violence within its borders.

In the morning, before the UN Security Council, Ebrard demanded to generate new mechanisms for dialogue and create complementary spaces for mediation that foster trust, reduce tensions and open the way towards a lasting peace between Russia and Ukraine.

This, because he maintained that “indifference is not admissible, nor is it admissible to remain in regret that, until now, in the case that concerns us, the Security Council has not been able to fulfill its essential responsibility. The reasons why this council can become dysfunctional are known. Correcting them is up to us. The times are propitious to seriously propose the structural reforms that are required for this, ”he said from New York.

The federal secretary, on behalf of the Mexican government, stressed that “there is no room for ambiguity. The peaceful coexistence of States depends precisely on respect for all of them. There can be no exceptions.” He pointed out that “it is time to act and commit to peace”, because “resigning oneself to war is always going to the precipice”.

He stressed that the Mexican delegation will continue with the necessary consultations to contribute, as an impartial actor in good faith, to generating broad support for the mediation efforts in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.


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