everything ready so that you can also use WhatsApp on a tablet

The option of using WhatsApp on a tablet is getting closer and closer: the latest version of the app already includes the option.

Finally: everything ready so that you can also use WhatsApp on a tablet

For years, thousands of users of WhatsApp have fantasized about the option of use the messaging app on their tablets. However, the company has decided not to fulfill the wishes of its user community, leaving them only with the option of resorting to alternative methods to use WhatsApp on tablets, such as the option that consists of using WhatsApp Web.

However, we have long known that this is about to change. With the arrival of the Multi-Device Mode to WhatsApp, the door was opened to the possibility that there was a official version of WhatsApp for tablets. A possibility that today seems more plausible than ever, since WABetaInfo has discovered that the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android already includes the option to associate the same account to a mobile and a tablet.

WhatsApp on a tablet

In a short time, using WhatsApp on a tablet officially will be a reality.

WhatsApp’s “Companion Mode” will allow you to have the same account on a mobile and a tablet

A few months ago, we talked about the arrival of the “Companion Mode” to WhatsApp. It was a function aimed at allow the use of the same account on two mobiles simultaneously.

From what has been known now, WhatsApp has continued to work on this tool, and has now added the option of use WhatsApp “Companion Mode” to associate the account to a tablet. As you can see in the screenshot, the user interface is adapted to tablet formatand allows the user to scan the QR code with the main device to be able to associate your account.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp login interface on a tablet.

The “Companion Mode” will allow you to use WhatsApp on your tablet without having to delete your mobile account.

When making the connection, WhatsApp will allow transfer chat history to the tablet and start using the messaging application on the device, without the main smartphone being connected to the Internet.

The “Companion Mode” will allow to have up to four devices associated with the same WhatsApp account simultaneously. For now, yes, there is no specific version of WhatsApp for iPad devices, but it is possible to download WhatsApp on any Android tablet.

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