Why I like ‘Andor’ and ‘Obi Wan Kenobi’ and ‘Boba Fett’ bore me

    star wars series Andor could have suffered the same fate as Obi Wan Kenobi and that boba fett book. It could have been another product, another series, without any significance within the Star Wars saga. However, despite being a prequel, like the other two series, it not only succeeds in its bid, but also Andor succeed where the others failed. At first he believed that all fruit was a matter of expectations, that both Obi Wan Kenobi What boba fett book they became boring products because we expected more, much more from them, and in the end they gave us less, much less. Or rather: they gave us more of the same. Think that we are talking about one of the members of the royal family of Star Wars (in the content franchises, the original characters are considered the royal family, untouchable, immutable), the Jedi par excellence, the character capable of surviving the purge of the three prequels and cornerstone of the original trilogy, and that we also refer to one of the less important characters in the entire saga, but, nevertheless, more popular (and I say this knowingly), a type that he didn’t even have the consideration that Sideshow Bob has in the Simpsons Universe. But, after watching the first four episodes of Andor (You already have the first three available on the Disney Plus streaming platform), it is clear to me that it has nothing to do with expectations, nor with meeting them, nor with disappointing them. Because the expectations I had with Andor they were as tall as the ones I had with the other two series. So it can’t be that. Andor It is undoubtedly a better series than the other two and note that I dare to write it having seen only a third of the first season, and only 12.4 percent of the 24 episodes that will make up this limited series divided into two seasons . The explanation is very simple: although the series travels to the past, it tells us a new story. Plain and simple.

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    It’s also not a formatting issue. At first I also believed that both Obi Wan Kenobi What boba fett book They had not convinced me because although they were products distributed through a streaming platform, despite the fact that they were television products, the format was that of a movie cut into episodes. It was not that. In fact, it is basically what the Marvel series have done with better or worse luck (better: Moon Knight, Ms Marvel and Loki; worse: Falcon and Winter Soldier and Hawkeye) with the honorable exception of she-hulk, which, yes, is a one hundred percent television series (in fact it is a parody of the format itself while still maintaining the format), and to which viewers are getting used to. But back to Star Wars… Andor it also has a complicated format, cinematographic in its approach, in the sense that every three episodes make up a narrative arc. Three chapters for the approach, three episodes for the knot, another three for the complication of the knot and three for the outcome. Just as I am aware that both obi wan What boba fett are more enjoyable to be able to watch all the episodes in a row, I know the same will happen to Andor, which will earn even more when you can watch all twelve episodes in a row. However, unlike the other two, this does not detract from the weekly enjoyment (what is going to happen, the theories, discovering the characters little by little). So it’s not that either.

    So in the end what we are left with is the novelty. The Mandalorian, although it falls between the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy, it is a separate product, with new characters. Mando is new and Baby Yoda is new. And although we have had cameos, the main story feels new and far from the real family, from the untouchable heart of the franchise. Getting that in a series where you’ve brought Luke Skywalker himself to rescue Grogu is saying a lot. In the case of Boba Fett, Luke left the series badly injured and the appearance of the Mandalorian gave him the blow. The problem with Obi Wan and Boba Fett is that we were more interested in the new characters than the main characters. In Obi Wan we were interested in Reva (Moses Ingram), the Third Sister, and there was more emotion in her memory of Anakin, enraged, in Sith mode, in Order 66 in the Jedi temple, than when Obi Wan steals the scene of Rebels and he slices off Vader’s helmet (let’s see, the fight between the two in episode 5 is fine, he wins with each new viewing, but if we had saved it, absolutely nothing would have happened to us). In Boba Fett we were interested in everything about Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen)… and that he was a character from The Mandalorian and no Boba.

    Andor, despite the fact that he wanted to flee from the format of each episode a new adventureshares his desire to create new worlds while still inhabiting an old franchise. The Mandalorian builds new worlds, which we did not know, in the same way that Andor. And so Andor, as a prequel, works and wins the game by far from its predecessors. The other two series had nothing to say, and Andor You have to tell something new. Although it is a prequel, it is a series that looks to the future. You don’t have to worry about protecting the characters of the original franchise, because you’re building characters, if not new ones, yet to be drawn: it’s the series that dictates how they are and why they then behave the way they behave. The fact that the introduction of Diego Luna’s character, Cassian Andor, is a murder is the best example. Now we understand why he cold-bloodedly murders his informant in rogue one. The Empire is not fair, the rebellion is not fair.

    star wars andor series concept art


    Yes The Mandalorian he got into the porn of the Empire, Andor, in addition, doubles the game: it offers us the porn of the rebellion, which does not have to be for all tastes. It turns out that private security was the Empire’s first line of defense…and we didn’t even know it! It is a private, comfortable, funny security, which makes us understand that the Empire expands so easily, but also that in its intention to save costs it is so funny (another day we will talk about the Carida Military Academy). And we have a rebellion that is surpassed by the size of the Empire. And all this with a story that interests us, but above all with a new story. Darth Vader had already taken the step to the dark side and we already knew that Obi Wan knew it, and that he had lost his Padawan and friend. Why tell it again? And we had already seen Boba Fett die, why make him autonomous now?

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