Who is Laurita, AMLO’s assistant who has a drill on her desk?

Given the criticism he generated after recording videos on a messy desk, this Friday the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador revealed that it is from his assistant “Laurita”.

And it is that, the critics against the president were given by a recording where a drill is seen on the desk, handmade dolls, figures of cats, different objects of the Fourth Transformationthermos, documents, notebooks and books in disarray.



But who is Laurita, AMLO’s unconditional assistant?

If someone wants to see the President, they have to go through that desk, on the same floor where only the Executive and his private secretary dispatch, Alejandro Esquer Executioner.

Who since December 2018 occupies that desk is Laura Gonzalez Nietoher official position is “secretary” and her main function is to “personally assist” President López Obrador.

Many may say that it is a minor position, but in fact, González Nieto is one of the officials of the federal public administration closest to the President.

Not only does he manage and control the public agenda, but also the personal one, he looks after the health of the Executive and maintains a close relationship with his family, mainly with his older children, for more than two decades.

Very few officials enjoy the confidence of López Obrador like Lauritaas he calls it.

In the morning it is a key piece, if the President needs data such as the last report of formal jobs registered with the IMSS, the letter he sent to a head of state or the technical report of the cabinet, the President’s recurring phrase is: “Ask Laura.”

González Nieto was born in Mexico City and has worked alongside the Tabasco politician since before he was head of government. They met when López Obrador was the national president of the PRD between 1996 and 1999.


According to a source consulted —from the President’s first circle— Laura began working with the Tabasco politician as a typist, not as a secretary. She time later she would occupy a strategic place.

In 2000, at the Mexico City Government headquarters, Laurita was López Obrador’s personal secretary, her desk was in the same office as the President’s in the Old City Hall.

In addition to writing the speeches of the then head of government, González Nieto began to transcribe his writings, then she herself suggested corrections of style and syntax, which were accepted by López Obrador.
Today, all the speeches and drafts for the President’s books—written by his own hand—go through González Nieto’s corrections.

“She is always in a good mood, she is always attentive, polite and extremely reserved,” commented a former collaborator of the current President.

“She is very close to Alejandro Esquer and César Yáñez [coordinador general de Política y Gobierno de Presidencia y exvocero de López Obrador] They respect her a lot, like nobody else, “added another source consulted.

He remembered that on one occasion Laura Gonzalez She had to give the “Bachelor” a speech at a public event and she was nervous because she didn’t want to make a mistake and she doesn’t like media cameras. She “she plucked up courage and delivered.”

Those who have worked with her define her as a public servant who has three characteristics: she is extremely discreet, efficient and with a spirit of service that is foolproof.

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What did “Laurita” study? What music does she like?

According to his curricular data, since 2019 González Nieto has been studying a degree in Art and Cultural Heritage at the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), founded by López Obrador himself.

He has a salary perception almost at the Secretary of State level, only 4 thousand pesos less (net salary) than the Executive, who receives 115 thousand pesos a month.

“He is one of the people most loyal to the convictions of the President,” said another federal government official consulted by THE UNIVERSALwho said that Laurita has always been in the good and bad times, such as prior to the foundation of Morena, when no one received a salary.

He commented that González Nieto is one of the first to arrive at the National Palace, between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m., but from early on he sends by WhatsApp the informative summary or messages that the cabinet and other officials should know.

She is the one who calls the cabinet meetings and “when Laura asks for something, we know that it is the President himself who is speaking,” said another official.

González Nieto really likes music, especially Cuban trova, and is a passionate reader.

“She is an extremely discreet woman, with a spirit of service that I had not seen before, she always answers your message in the best way, she always helps you or looks for a way, and she is always with her feet on the ground.”

SOURCE consulted
“She is a discreet woman, with a spirit of service that I had not seen before, she always answers your message in the best way, she always helps you”

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