While Martino doesn’t take him to the World Cup; What Cristiano Ronaldo de Vela thinks

Gerardo Martino / Carlos Vela / Cristiano Ronaldo
Gerardo Martino / Carlos Vela / Cristiano Ronaldo


Gerardo Martino put an end to a novel that had practically been narrated for years: the arrival of Carlos Candle to Selection mexican. The LAFC player seemed to indicate what Martino would determine for his future, because on more than one occasion he said he would step aside from the calls to give others opportunities.

However, the fans were still looking forward to Martino giving the surprise with his call-up, something that was fully clarified by the national coach. That is why the reactions to his absence in Qatar 2022 were immediate, so many returned to world soccer stars what they think about the Mexican attacker.

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Christian Ronaldo, a world soccer legend, has been one of the great players who have praised the Mexican. During his time at Real Sociedad, Vela competed with the Portuguese and a certain Lionel Messi as the best players in LaLiga. That is why “El Bicho” has a good opinion of the Mexican.

What CR7 thinks of Carlos Vela

The Portuguese revealed that Vela’s talent was even noticed in his family, since his son left him an uncomfortable question: “(Carlos) Vela is faster than you, isn’t he?” To which Cristiano immediately reacted and replied: “What do you say? No one is faster than your dad? Ronaldo commented for El Chiringuito.

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