What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?

The Pacific Ring of Fire also known as the Pacific Ring of Fire It is one of the most seismically active areas in the world.these being one of the natural phenomena that is related to Mexico and has aroused the interest of several users.

As we know, in recent days, two major earthquakes have occurred in the country, one last September 19, of magnitude 7.7, and the second of 6.9 this Thursday, September 22. So several Internet users have speculated on the possibility that the Ring of Fire has been activated.

What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?

The Pacific Ring of Fire It is a 40 thousand kilometer tectonic chain located in the Pacific Oceanwhich has a horseshoe shape and is characterized by great seismic and volcanic activity, according to National Geographic.

The Ring of Fire marks the boundary of many major platesamong them are: Pacific, South America, Nazca, North America, Philippines and Australia.

It is characterized by being a subduction zone, a term used to define when one tectonic plate sinks under another. In subduction zones, earthquakes can occur up to 670 kilometers deep, which is where the upper mantle ends.

This means that the plates are kept in constant friction and movement, which leads them to accumulate tension and release energy.generating earthquakes in the countries that are on the belt zone.

the tectonic plates of Mexico

Therefore, countries like Mexico are one of the most affected as they are located in this seismic regionpresenting several geological faults throughout the territory and constant seismic activity.

Why do they call it ‘The cradle of earthquakes’?

It is known as “the cradle of earthquakes” hosting 90% of seismic activity and concentrating 75% of active volcanoes in the world, hence its name of the belt or ring of fire.

The Pacific Ring of Fire addresses several active volcanoes.

Unlike other seismic zones such as the Alpine Belt, which is the second most seismic region with 6% of regular earthquakes and 17% of the largest earthquakes, which pass through the Himalayas, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

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