Warzone 2 news and leaks continue

war zone 2

Just a few days ago we experienced the possibility of experiencing, for the first time, the possibility of playing open beta of Call of Duty MW II. A fact that has raised the ratings of many content creators and regular users of this saga of video games, but what does this have to do with the title that we have brought you? Well enough. In addition to bringing you news, in the last hours we have suffered one of the biggest leaks of war zone 2. The latter has concerned much of the public, since both products could you share app and it’s not something that ended well with the previous installment.

Warzone 2 news and leaks

First we will get to the point, since we know that you are quite interested in what is new about the free Call of Duty product. From the past September 18 until the twenty We had the opportunity to test the open beta of the game, but a random error has sparked speculation. Through Reddit it has been known that some users have been able to access the Warzone 2 menu due to a bug fortuitous and screenshots of it have been published.

Leaving aside that the menu can be more or less pleasing from a visual point of view, what sincerely worries Warzone and CoD players is whether both the free product and MW2 will share application. Right now everything is speculation, but in short looks like it will be like this. A piece of news that might not sit well, since not being a separate game has been various problems.

All this means that the storage space that will be needed as the updates take place is too high. To which we must add that the updates themselves will go through certain difficulties to be carried out. Even so, we will have to wait for more answers from Activision, since the day of departure, which is November 16, is not that far away.

Positive news and new Warzone 2 map

Leaving aside all the negative that is surrounding Warzone 2 during the last few hours, we have also had the opportunity to see certain streamers try the beta version of this as well as its new map. In fact, just a few days ago it was Activision itself that revealed what will al mahraz be likethe new location for this free-to-play. In fact, here we are going to leave you the first official win in this battle royalewhich achieved the Spanish Sinapsis.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the DMZ-mode will also be available from Nov. 16 so independent and free. A date already marked by all Call of Duty fans, not only for this or for Warzone 2, but because it will also be the starting point for the first season of Modern Warfare II.

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