Video. Employees face blows against FES Acatlán students for work stoppage

NAUCALPAN, Mex.– More than 22 thousand students of the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán They woke up on a 72-hour work stoppage demanding security, safe transportation, and even a review of the facilities for alleged damage during the September 19 earthquake.

This morning students who stood guard inside the FES Acatlan reported that after the tremor of the early morning of this September 23, they made a tour of the more than 10 buildings of the campus, which apparently did not suffer damage.

In turn, FES Acatlán authorities lamented “the attacks and injuries caused to teachers, officials and students, caused by a group of hooded men”, during a dialogue to resolve the demands.

“The dialogue was interrupted by this group of masked people who opted for violence, which led us to suspend activities for 72 hours, concluding on Saturday, September 24,” FES Acatlán authorities said in a statement.

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“FES Acatlán rejects all kinds of violence that only seeks to divide and confront” the community, officials of this Faculty reiterated.

In turn, students pointed out that the employees were the ones who, trying to prevent the strike, confronted the students who wanted to close the government building with blows.

The annoyance of the students would have started due to the insecurity that prevails in public transport to get to this UNAM Campus.

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